Cyprus Roadtrip {Traveldiary}

Day 1

We choose Cyprus because we wanted to get some last warm, sunny days before the cold winter would get us in Germany. 
As soon as we landed on the island a cold rainstorm welcomed us abroad. 
Go to Cyprus the said, it will be warm and sunny they said, was my first thought. Laughing in bitter sarcasm we collected our car at the rental place and startet our drive to our Hotel. It was already dark when we landed, so unfortunately we did not see anything  from Larnaca at all. We  checked in, got a welcome drink at the bar and played a round of pool. Afterwards we made a reservation for a Restaurant in town called Vlachos Taverne. 
We ordered loads of starters, from olives to Feta and Mushrooms and ended up with two huge food babies. It was just so much food!
We were pretty tired from the day so we went to bed quiet early. 

Day 2

Waking up by the sunlight through the curtains was probably the nicest thing that could have happened to us. I was so relieved that we would not spend the following days stuck in a rainstorm. 
After taking at least thousand selfies on the balcony overviewing the pool we went downstairs for the breakfast. You could see that the majority or the guests where Russians or English people because they had a big variety of English Breakfast. 
Filled with beans and bacon we took off to explore the coast up east to Ayia Napa. The place that becomes a huge Spring Break party during summer months. Thank good we came in November, so it was literally deserted,  just us and some Russians. Apparently the Russians kind of, let's say invaded, Cyprus. Building huge mansions everywhere. 
The drive was great, the distances on the island are not far at all. We saw loads of caves, chapels, beaches with turquoise Water, and viewpoints. Thanks to me and my amazing leading skills, or the apps leading skils, we managed to arrive at the nicest places without incidents. Some roads where still floated from the storm last night, so sometimes our brand new white Nissan had to go through puddles. 
We felt like in adventurous Indiana Jones movie. 
Summarized we could say, that we spend the afternoon hopping from one marked dot on my map to the next. Ending at the cap of cyprus. 
Around midday we headed back to Larnaca. By then I was starving to death, because our lunch consisted of two bananas each. 
We walked along the beach promenade looking for food. By then I was hangry af, while Andi had to calm me down. We satisfied my needs with baby calamari and onion rings. 
Before heading to the Hotel we stopped at the Lake to watch the sunset and the Flamingos. Yes Flamingos, as soon as I heard that my heart skipped a beat and I was excited as a kid for christmas.
So we parked the car next to the street and went down to the lake. I thought I would get nice pictures by walking deeper into it, but I missed Andis information that by walking deeper into it I would cave into the mud. I looked like a dirty mud monster. My feed and shoes where all dirty and wet and of course I had my hands and pants covered by it as well. I felt like an elephant in a Glasshop as you say in German when entering the car. Andi had to put on the seat bell so I would not put dirt on anything. 
After a shower back at the room we booked our Hotel for Paphos, where we would be heading to the following day. 
The spend the end of the evening at a seafood restaurant. 

 Day 3

On our third day we checked out of the Hotel, packed the car and left for the Westcoast of Cyprus. I had our possible stops marked on my map and took the position of the tourguide!
Planned was to drive up the coast to the European culture capital, Paphos.
In general we decided to skip highways and to take smaller roads along the coast, for the better experience. So basically my favorite sentence for the day was, `Oh look here, that could be a shortcut or a nice little road`. More than once we ended on sand or mudroads that were for sure not meant to be driven on by small, new and white cars but for big SUVs
But the drive was wonderful and really fun. We took loads of videos from different angles. Sometimes the road was really narrow and stones and huge holes made it difficult to pass, but it felt adventurous and the real way to do a roadtrip.
Midday we arrived in Limassol. Another summer tourist town, that turned into a deserted ghost town. We drove to the pier and discovered some Restaurants that where still open overlooking the ocean. Some people still walked around to get some sun and enjoyed the pier, so there was a nice cozy autumn atmosphere.
After a delicious meal, that we were both extremely surprised about, our drive went on. Our next stop was the archeological site of  Kourion. Again I presented my fabulous guide skills and told Andi some historical facts. The excavations were really impressive,  particulary  the old Theater. Due to the fact that it was low season, there were just some other couples around, mostly Russians again. I really don't know why there are so many  Russians here. Anyways, after some time strolling around the ancient ruins we headed for our last stop, Paphos.
The third day was really nice, the weather was extremely pleasant.
 For Paphos we had an overly good deal for a four star beach village Hotel, were we payed 25 euros a night per person. I am sure the low season had an impact on the prices, because the hotel was pretty empty besides some young Russian couples, oh what a surprise, and elderly tour groups! But we did not care that much, we knew it would not be that busy anyways.
For dinner we went to the town of Pafos. In a  cozy Restaurant we ordered Meze. The traditional Cyprus dich. Reminding of Spanish Tapas just with Greek starters. There was so much food and our server brung more and more! I don't know how we were even able to eat all that! I am so going to gain weight during this trip haha. It feels like we don't do anything else besides eating and driving.


Day 4 

Today we planned to drive towards the northern part of cyprus and to explore the nationalpark close to Aphorites baths, but the moment we got up we found out it was puring rain and heavy storms were coming from the sea towards Paphos. So after a long breakfast at the all you can eat buffet we went straight back to our hotelroom and watched some netflix. At some point it stopped raining for a while and we decided to drive to the Paphos waterfront. We managed to get the most out of the one free raining hour by walking along the seaside. Even tho it was chilly, there were loads of british and russian tourists walking around in short clothes, dresses and bikinis. I was wearing my long coat and scarf still freezing my butt of at every gust of wind coming from the sea. Unfortunately the dark clouds came pretty close and we made our way back to our car. The second we left it started puring rain again. I thought, this is it, the next week will be rainy and cold.
At the end of the afternoon there was another short rainbreak and we made our way down to the ocean. It felt weird to walk along the rocks and beach and seeing no soul. I imagined how in summer loads of people would walk around, swim and get a nice tan. We felt like a apocalypse had deserted the whole beachfront. 
We had dinner that evening at the restautant in the hotel, brought some wine and snacks and went back tzo our hotel room. It was the night before my birthday. I had planned to celebrate that in a bar, but as we found out, literaly no one was out on a wednesday evening. 
So it was the two of us. At midnight we opened a bottle of wine and presents and not even half an hour later we were asleep. 

Day 5

Thank god the weather calmed down and even tho there where some clouds it was a lovely (birthday)-day. We took of pretty early that day and our first stop was a gorge in the west-northern part of cyprus. That was the first highlight of the day. We drove our car on terrain that was supposed to be driven on by a 4x4 car. 
I was so happy that Andi was driving because I already got a mental breakdown just by seeing how close the clip and how bad the streetcondition was. I already saw our rental car with a total write off hanging inbetween some trees next to the road. 
But we made it and then started the 2k hike to to the gorge. It was a nice walk and the surroundings where incredible. The gorge got tigther the deeper we got, but due to the rainfalls there was a lot of water and mud accumulated in the area, so we had to turn around and hike back. 
After the gorge we drove further to the nationalpark in the north. Our plan was to see aphrodites bath and see the blue lagoon. We had quiet high expectations but when we were actually there we were not sure if that was a joke. I dont know what we had in mind exactly but it was a tarn with some long roots hanging halfway into the water. Lets say it was not impressive at all. Also we could not go to the blue lagoon because it was a long offroad to get there and we did not want to risk little Nissans life again. So we decided to head to the Trodos Mountains where we had a night booked. 
That was one of the most beautiful and peaceful rides I have ever seen. The road was in a good condition and the view was amazing. The nature and trees in the mountains where wonderful. It looked like canada. Well at least how I imagine canada to look like. According to images. 
The temperature dropped down on freezing 4 degrees and the normaly packed ski and summerresorts in the northern mountains where deserted. We met literaly five people the time we spend there. So we spend our evening with writing postcards and playing pool. 

Day 6

I was pretty excited to go to Nicosia the capital city. But before we left the mountains we went to see one of the waterfalls. Lets say, I have seen nicer ones. It was just a small waterfall, I have to say my expectations concering some things got pretty high after having the possibility to see so many beautiful impressive things in this world. Still we had a nice hike. 
After the morning in the woods we left for the capital city of Cyprus, that turned out to be a really cool place. Nicosia is the last divided capital city in the world, with the northern part belonging to the turkish side of cyprus and the southern part to cyprus. 
We had a airbnb booked in Nicosia, because we thought it would be nice to change the type of accomondation for once. After checking into our new appartment we went to the citycenter. We explored the town and sat down for a coffee and beer in a little cafe infront of a church. The sun in Cyprus goes down pretty early and so it gets chilly pretty fast. We left back to the appartment after some hours of strolling around and went for a supermarket. We decided to cook dinner instead of going out again and had a lovely evening making pasta, drinking beer and spending time together. Quiet interesting to see how it worked out to hang out 24/7 for some time. I still cant get over the fact that we did not get annoyed at each other at some point but I think I found a good travelpartner in my boyfriend. (Thank god). 

Day 7

Day six was our second last day in Cyprus. Our flight would be the following day during the afternoon. So that day we went to the other side of the capital city, to find out, that it had much more to offer than the cypriot part of Nicosia. We took a look at the mosque of the city, walked to the market and the bustling streets and ended up in a lovely little place drinking turkish tea and beer. The sun was out and it was cozy warm reading and relaxing. I did not really want to leave that place. It was for sure one of the nicest moments I had on my travel. Just the warm sun, a turkish tea and a good book in a lovely town. 
After that Andi went to see the wall that seperated the city while I went for some christmasshopping back into the cypriot part of the capital.
For our last evening we went to a lovely restaurant and had pretty good food and some wine.

Day 8

On our last day we checked out of the apartment and left nikosia. We drove back to our first destination larnaka. The sun was out again and it was a nice last day to hang out at the beachfront. We parked our car and explored the small streets, there was even a christmasmarket! Afterwards we walked along the seafront, ate pretty good icecream and chillaxed on a bench watching the ocean. Shortly after that we had to head back to the airport to give back our little car. (I was a bit sad leaving it back at the airport). But it was time to head home. At the airport we ate the remaining pita with hummus and drunk the last beer.
Our holiday ended with me getting hit by an olive oil bottle in the plane leaving me with a black eye. Cheers. 

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