Xian, China {Traveldiary}

After Shanghai got surprised by heavy rainfall we escaped to Xian, a city known for its close by Terracotta Army, bustling streets and mountains. 

The Sleeper Train 

We booked us a sleeper train that should take us there within 15 hours. Our trip started with us arriving sopping wet from the rainfall at the gigantic crowded train station. Afterwards we entered the train and found our tiny cabin where six people had barely space to sleep in three level bunkbeds. 
Lucia and I took the two beds on top of the cabin. At least we could have a little privacy. 
We could barely sit or move but it was kind of cozy with the warm blanket. 
After a long night, where I finally found some time to get some reading and blogging done we arrived in Xian. 

The first day

Our hostel was really nice and cozy. With a big bar located downstairs. Unfortunately we were one of the only non chinese tourists at that place. But we soon where about to find out that two irish guys from the hostel in Shanghai would show up at the same hostel a day later. 
So on our first day Lucia and I went for a walk to the drum tower and later on went to the Muslim market and bought loads of fa- oh sorry, I meant real watches and bags. 
Afterwards we walked through the small streets and got inspired by all the strange and exotic foods. I have to say, I don't really know what we ate. But lets say, we were not afraid to try out new things. 
After coming back to the hostel we met the two first europeans in our hostel. Two germans who arrived in China by passing Russia and east Europe by bus. 
We startet talking and drinking beer and ended up on a cozy couch with two more travelers and had long philosophical talks while drinking chinese Whiskey that smelled like catpiss.

The second day 

The next day we met Conor and Aidan from Shanghai again. Together we went to the citywall and rented two tandem bikes to cruise the 16k around the city. That was great fun. The guys wore the same shirts saying Oba Mao and it looked kind of ridiculous at the same time, seeing them on the tandem bike. 
We raced a bit and when we arrived - or lets say, when we thought we arrived- back to the entrance we gave back our bikes. We soon found out, that it was not the right entrance and we had to walk the last two k back to the original entrance. 
Afterwards we went to shop on the Muslim streets for more real stuff! 

The second evening in Xian was for sure one of the funniest. We had such a blast and a surely incredible not forgettable experience: 
So while strolling down the streets, looking for a cool pub, two chinese elderly couples waved us to their table with their Heineken in their hands. We first did not want to stop by but then the guys went over there! 
As soon as we arrived they started talking to us in Chinese. We had no clue what they tried telling us, because the only words the four of us knew where Dumpling, Beer, Friend and Cheers,. I guess those words are very essential for traveling in China. I mean, what other words would you need! 
So the whole evening we constantly repeated those words. Even tho we had a big language barrier between us we could communicate on a very low basis. But it was not that important, because the Chinese men offered us beer and snacks and it did not take long before we were part of the group. I constantly had to laugh at the situation. It was really funny. Just us sitting there with Heineken and catpiss liquor trying to communicate with the chinese. Lucia who actually learned a bit of chinese tried talking a bit, but she soon found out that there was no chance, they would understand her. 
Apparently refusing offers is a rude manner in China so we could barely say no to cigarettes, whiskey, beer and pigskin snacks. 
At some point the guys wanted to get the group some beers as sign of gratitude, but the Chinese men got very upset and angry when we even tried, so we just let them keep on ordering beers. At some points we all started taking pictures together and exchange Wechat numbers. (Worst Idea ever, one of the chinese men keeps sending me bad translated english texts. Still,  now after three weeks...)
After some time we thought it would be okay to leave and go our way. We were pretty drunk by then! Seriously after so much beer and whiskey we were devastated. Hammered as the Irish guys would say. 
After a long goodbye we left the Chinese group and headed back to the hostel. Still laughing about one of the weirdest evenings of our lifes. 

The third day 

With headache and hangover we started our day with the tour to the terracotta warriors
Our tourguide was a chinese woman whos English was good for a Chinese person, but not that good that I could really understand what she was telling us about the warriors. So in fact I still have to find out what exactly we saw and what she tried telling us. 
Additionally I have to say, in my opinion the Terracotta Army is slightly overrated. Yes it is years of history and it is impressionating how they got build and finally found. But besides that, its nothing where I would say, its something that has to be on your life bucket list. 
So we kind of expected a little bit more from our tour. Besides that we all were really tired and hungover. 
As soon as we came back we had some time to relax and nap, but not for long, because the guys, Lucia and I had another sleeper train booked to Beijing the same night. 

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