Shanghai, China {Traveldiary}

Lucia and my plan was to head back to Shanghai and visit Huangshan and Guilin. But unfortunately  due to the national week and the weather, it got really complicated, wet and booked up. So we decided to make the most out of it and stayed our last days in Shanghai. 
We had to book two different hostels, because everything booked up so fast that we barely had any choice. Damn Nationalweek. 
Every Chinese hyped the 4th of October and we did expected some kind of celebration but it was literally just every Chinese family traveling to the major cities. So Shanghai was crowded at the touristy areas and empty at the less touristy ones. 

Our stay in Shanghai - first Hostel

During our time in Shanghai we first stayed at the Wood and Rock hostel. It was a nice boutique hostel with a beautiful common room. Still it could not be compared with Beijings loud and social Leo Hostel. 
But we managed to meet some people to hang out with. So on our first day back in Shanghai we met two English guys that we previously met in Beijing and Nils, a German student. The five of us decided to head to century park and go for some fake market shopping afterwards. 
What then happened in the park was one of the funniest moments we experienced in China.
So while we were walking through the park we saw a Chinese group of guys doing baghopping and other weird competitions. So we approached the group and started watching their fun games. At some point they realized it and stared back at us. Two minutes later Lucia was already on the way and started asking what they were doing. The rest of our group slowly approached. We found out it was a group of employees from a company who had a team building day. 
They asked us if we would like to join them and not even ten minutes later we were ready to to some crazy baghopping competitions. It was such a blast. Some of them spoke very good english and it was actually quiet nice to communicate with locals. It was a very fun thing to do and at the end we did some pictures all together.
We were sure that the picture would from now on hang in the office, subtitled: international connections and partners. 
We the westerners, by the way, won the baghopping competition. But maybe they just let us win. We will never know. 

During the time at the first hostel in Shanghai I had some kind of stomacheache. I don't really know where it came from but I felt weird and not good most of the evenings. So one night while Lucia and Nils went out to find a Trampolin park (Don't ask me why we were looking for that in Shanghai) I stayed back at the hostel.
In general we spend our  time in Shopping malls (due to the rainy weather outside) or wandering around the streets. We went to fake markets and in general spend a good amount on new clothes, fake bags or watches and souvenirs. I mean my Mom now is proud owner of a Longchamp bag. 

Our stay in Shanghai - first Hostel

After three days at Rock and Wood Hostel we had to check out and cross half the city to get to our second hostel. The Hidden Garden hostel on the other side of the river. The newer part of Shanghai. 
The hidden Garden hostel was really a hidden garden and was ideal for drinking loads of beer while enjoying  the evening breeze. Thankfully the weather switched when changing hostel and we had some good warm times. 
The hostel in general was extremely nice and had good comfort. 
One day Lucia, me and Nils went to explore the Pudong Side and decided to go visit the Shanghai tower. The second tallest tower that was ever build. It has a height of over 600 meters and makes you feel so incredibly small when looking out the big windows seeing over the lightened city. 
Afterwards we went for some extremely spicy Wok. I don't know if the chinese tried to mock us but I think it was more chili with veggies than otherwise around. I could barely eat it. Oh it was hot! Lucia, as she likes spicy food, just sat there totally satisfied with the overly spicy wok, while I tried to keep my tears away. 
Another night Nils, Lucia and I decided to go to a very popular Shanghaian Restaurant. We had frog soup. And not just frog legs but whole shreddered frog. Besides that we had soups, dumplings and 
veggies. In China people order everything they like and then share it with everybody at the table. So we had seven dishes and started randomly trying everything. The frog soup was interesting, but not really my thing. To many bones and unidentified substances...
The following day, we met three soon to be doctors from the north of Germany. We all got along very well and spend our evenings in the hostel with loads of cans of beer and long card games. 
One day we decided to go see one of the watertowns. Our plan was to go for a unknown one but there was no bus or train leaving. We lost two hours just searching for the right place to be. 
At some point we gave up and decided to still see the famous watertown even tho we knew there would be tourists everywhere. 
But I have to say that, for a total drive of five hours with two hours in the watertown it felt a bit like wasted time. 

In general the last days in Shanghai were really relaxed, sometimes we did some sightseeing, sometimes just some walks around the town. But nothing to adventurous. It was a good end for our trip and it was quiet nice to have enough time to really get to know the city and the culture. 
Before leaving we went shopping for some typical Chinese food and other daily things, like chopsticks. And even if I was happy to return home I knew it would take me some time to exchange my chopsticks with cutlery. 

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