Shanghai, China {Travel diary}

Lucia and I set on the plane all ready for our big Chinese Adventure. With a gin in the hand and some good talks we managed to survive the flight without  incidents... well without big incidents. Lucia managed to drop her Chopsticks into the lap of her Chinese seat neighbor. She still insists on saying it was the turbolences fault. I nearly got a total breakdown when the plane started shaking extremely and making weird noises. I must have sound like a woman in labour when trying to get a normal breath. 
But besides that everything was fine. 
After arriving at the airport we still nearly spend an hour there just searching for an Atm. Three hours later we arrived at our hostel. 

The first real weird experience we made was when we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Overly tired in flip flops and backpacker look we were stared at by Chinese people. We felt really nervous and out of place. Tried to do our best with the chopsticks so that people would not laugh. We decided not to come to this place anymore. But apparently it wasn't the place to be anyways. 

After a long nap we made our way to the waterfront to enjoy the skyline over Shanghai. During that time we got asked at least three times to post for pictures with several family members. Even with babies. As if we would be some kind of popular Person from Hollywood. Also we had the Incredible chance to speak a blessing (in Chinese) for someone's wedding on video. They could have told us anything to say and we would absolutely have no idea what we actually said. It could be some nice words pronounced totally wrong or maybe not. We will only know if we find us on YouTube saying "I'm into huge Chin-"... I don't think I have to get deeper into that. 

In the evening we had a meet up with a friend of my boyfriend on a sky bar near the Waterfront. This was actually the first time we saw foreigners. And even if I thought there would not be so many foreigners I was pretty surprised to find out that there were basically none. In the foreigner areas a bit more but it is still not very often. 
We enjoyed beer and warmed toiletseats (omg where do I get that in Germany?) 

The following day we slept until ten and then headed for some shopping in Shanghai. We walked around the city for hours and ended up at the popular tea houses of Shanghai. 
When we came back we met some new traveler on our rooftop terrace of the hostel. we all started with drinking very early and by nine we were deep into our third beer. We met some Irish, Australian and German people. Later new and more people joined us. We later decided to go to a ktv bar. A popular place for Chinese people. We got our own room for Karaoke and loads of beer. We had a fun time singing the best singalog songs and the great experience for the others to here me sing rolling in the deep. Absolutely horrifying. We ended up in a Chinese Elektro club dancing with Asians and Western Models. I think we landed in our beds not before four in the morning. Our last day in Shanghai we went to a Museum about Chinas Propaganda Poster. Also we organized everything for our trip to Xian. We booked an overnight sleeper train for the evening. Before leaving we met up with the guys from yesterday for a beer and drew our initials to the already colorful wall of the bar. 
Shanghais last days were rainy and colder so we decided to head north to a warmer place for some days. 

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