Backpacking China

So this is it. This is me smiling for a Selfie with my Chinese Visa: Excited and adventurous. 

I have to laugh: I remember the post, back then in April, when I came back from South America. I remember how happy I was to come back and how I thought I would finally come home to settle down for a little. Well, as we can see, that did not last very long. 
In a little less than two weeks I am going to board a plane to Shanghai. Ready for a new backpacking adventure. I have to say I have loads of respect for that country and for the whole trip. China is a new level of backpacking. China is not mass tourism or the backpacking mekka. China is, as I heard hard to travel, culture clashing and absolutely non-english speaking, But as I learned during the years, I can't judge it, unless I have been there. And as I also learned, it always turns out way different than I thought it would.  

Also there is a bit more of organization to do for a trip to China. First of all I had to get a Chinese Visa. That cost around 160 euro and left a huge hole in my wallet. Secondly I had to organize all nights of my stay. I mean, I know how it will be: I ll change my mind and my plans every two days. I am hundred percent sure I am not sticking to the plan. So I kind of have to cancel most of my hostel reservations and make new ones on arrival. So to keep it short, I am for sure going to come back, telling stories about places I visited that where not planned. But those stories are always kind of the most exciting ones. 

Its been long five months back here. And I can feel it in my feet, this itchy feeling that tells me I gotta move my ass out of here for a new f* amazing experience! 

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