Ten week itinerary for South America

After living in Buenos Aires for some months I had ten weeks to travel around South America! Most of my trips were spontanious decisions  and never actually planned in advance! It might be that you will need more time in some cities and less in others! This is a vague guide that is managable for ten weeks! You can skip cities or add some. I made some short comments to every place, that came into my mind. As I did not follow a straight plan, I cannot guarantuee that this guide will suit you perfectly, so be a bit adventurous and have maybe a week more, in case you decide you need longer for one of these places!


Day 1-5  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Five days will be a good time to get to know the best parts of the city and to relax from a long trip. Its also a great startpoint with loads of amazing things to do! Check out the Milhouse hostel, I used to work there for over a month! Read a full Guide here!

Take a Ferry to Montevideo with Buquebus or seacat!


=> full travel guide here <=

Day 5-6 Montevideo 
Relaxed city, good for a short stopover. Very quiet in comparasion to Buenos Aires.

Roadtrip along the cost to Cabo Polonio. 
Bus is easier. We rented a car, but came back to Montevideo!
I left out Punta del Este, but it can be considered if you are down for a touristy, not cultural, ugly town. Good party and fun nights tho! Just keep in mind, that it is a ghost town during the months of march until december! 

Day 6-8 Cabo Polonio 
A beautiful little village at the sea, popular among Hippies and surfers. Cute little bungalow houses and loads of fun, relaxing, smoking and exploring the nature.

It is located in a Nationalpark- check hours for the overland truck that gets you there!

Day 8-10  Punta del Diablo 
The new Punta del Este under travelers. Beautiful town. Backpackers atmosphere, lovely nature!

Crossing boarders to Florianopolis 
Quiet complicated! Check out times. Otherwise you'll end up like friends of mine, on the back of a motorbike of a Brazilian dude! 


Day 10-14 Florianopolis
Brazilians Surfertown!
Perfect for Boatpartys, Surfing, Beaches and renting a motorbike to explore the nature around the city!

Overnight Bus to Iguazu Falls 

Day 15-18 Iguazu Falls
Take time to explore the Argentinian and the Brazilian side and take the third day for a short shopping trip to Paraguay!

Overnight Bus to Rio 
Do not take the cheapest option otherwise you might end up in the middle of the night with a flat tire somewhere in nowhere!

Day 19-25 Rio De Janeiro 
You could add some days here for sure! There is so much to see and explore! Great Brazilian nightlife, loads of beaches. Check into the books hostel! It was a great solo travelers place!

Take a bus to Paraty 

Day 25-28 Paraty 
I spend a week here in four different hostels! I dont know why, but I loved this beautiful colonial town!

Day 28-30 Sao Paolo 
Loads of people say, the nicest thing about Sao Paolo is its airport, but in my opinion is has a lot to offer when it comes to food and art! Felt safer than everyone used to tell me! Still a dangerous place, espacially at night.

Flight to La Paz, Bolivia 
Trust me, I checked literaly every connection from here, that was the cheapest! 


Day 30-35 La Paz 
If you want a crazy experience, start working at the Wild Rover Hostel! I tell you, you will never forget this adventure. Besides that, the city has a lot to offer for some days. (And an amazing Party Hostel scene!).
I stayed more than two weeks here... I wished haven't. I think after that I was done with party hostels for quiet a while.

Take a bus to Lake Titikaka

Day 35-37 Titikaka
Explore the floating Islands and Copacabana

Bus to Cusco 


Day 37-40 Cusco 
Explore Cusco before going on the big adventure called Macchu Picchu. Check out the Shopping Streets where you can get loads of *fake* clothes and shoes ;)

Day 40-43 Treks, hikes tours at Macchu Pichu
Do the Inca Trail or the Jungle Trek. Go explore Macchu Pichu, you would regret not doing it!
(Doesn't matter what time of the year!)

Overnight Bus to Arequipa 

Day 44-46 Arequipa 
Two days are enough for Arequipa. Its a good city for a short break before heading to Chile.

Bus to Arica, Chile 
this might be a bit tricky! There is no direct bus! But there are some good guides online, that will explain you exactly how to get there! 


Day 46-48 Arica
Arica is not that popular among backpackers, but a good place for some beaches and surf! You can easily stay for one night instead of two!
Bus to Iquique 

Day 48-50 Iquique
Perfect and quiet popular town among locals and backpackers for surfing and sandboarding!
It has the biggest urban sanddune of the world btw;)

Overnight bus to San Pedro de Atacama 

Day 51-54 San Pedro de Atacama
Try not to go in the one rain week of the year as I did! Otherwise amazing for some tours and loads of nature! You can do a lot of exploring on your own by renting a bike! You might save some money like that!

Day 54-59 Salt Flats Tour 
I know it is posisble to do the salt flats tour in Bolivia from the Atacama desert! I am not so sure about the coming back to San Pedro Part! Have not done it, because I did not have that many days left! So it might be that you will need an additional day! But better get informed at the agencies!

Overnight bus to Santiago Chile 

Day 60-65 Santiago 
A very western city! I used my time here for some shopping and relaxed sangria nights at my hostel!

Bus to Mendoza


Day 65-68 Mendoza 
Mendoza is known for its wine, so make sure to get a bike and ride from one winery to the next while getting drunk!

Overnightbus to Buenos Aires 

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