San Pedro de Atacama & Santiago - Chile {Traveldiary}

San Pedro de Atacama was the biggest joke on earth. Not in a bad way, don't get me wrong. 
It is the driest desert of the world. During my stay it rained nonstop. 
Apparently once a year there is a very short season of rain. Of course I managed to visit the desert exactly during that period. Fuck me, right? 
Still it was a nice experience, loads of nature and landscape. 
After a night bus and a three hour overstay in Calama I arrived in San Pedro. Starving to death and packed with three bags I made my walk to the hostel. As soon as I arrived I met a Austrian guy that was in the same bus as I was. We decided to get some food and later inform us about possible tours in Atacama. Here comes the next joke. But wait for it. 
We signed up for an afternoon tour to the Valle de la Luna to see the sunset from the top. Did not know how we were supposed to see it, because there was no sun... anyways, the women at the reception was sure we ll have a good time at that place, because it's supposed to be beautiful even without loads of sunshine. Okay then, we thought and got picked up. 
The nearer we came to the Valle the cloudier it got. A huge thunderstorm set right over the Valley. It was raining a lot. Sometimes some lightning, sometimes loud thunder. We were all standing outside the bus watching mother nature fucking with us. 
We started taking pictures and videos but actually never made it into the park. Cars and soaked bikers came back. The park closed. So our tour ended after it did not even started. We got back in the van and back to the hostel. I decided to hide in my bed reading a new book I found. 

For the following day I had signed up for a full day tour and thank god that one did not get canceled. But we spend a lot of time in a minibus like Asian tourists in a tourist bus. We drove big distances and stopped at interesting and beautiful landscapes on our way. Saw flamingos, lakes, mountains, moon valleys etc. 
it was quiet an expensive tour, for all the bus riding but I guess there is no way around if you want to see all the good spots. 

The last day we wanted to rent a bike to explore the Valle de la Luna on our own. But the bike shops did not rent out bikes, because the weather condition was bad and the moon valley was closed anyways. We got kind of depressed that we could not do anything with this weather and I decided to leave to Santiago earlier. Did not want to spend two more days, not doing anything because of the weather. 

Still a fun experience. I m sure San Pedro de Atacama is a hundred percent to go place (if it doesn't rain!). 

I decided to not go to Uyuni, bolivia and to do the Salt flats another time. But connections to Argentina were kinda hard to get and my time and money was running out. 

After an overnightbus to Santiago we arrived early morning and checked into the "La chimba hostel" we're we got welcomed with Free Sangria. We met Brad an Australian guy from San Pedro again. 

I need to say I did not do too much in Santiago. I knew I was at the end of my two months of traveling and that I got kind of tired. I knew my flight was leaving in a week back home and socializing and doing loads of sightseeing was not my first interest anymore. 
I once walked up the tallest hill in Santiago from where you have a beautiful view over Santiago. Another day I went shopping for some clothes, I ended up staying an hour at Forever 21 literally buying everything that I could find. I still wondered how I was supposed to get all my stuff back home. I remembered that I still had my Laptop and some clothes at a friends house in Buenos Aires.

Besides that I did a walking tour with Brad, that turned out not to be as good as the other ones I did in South America. One night we got some people from the hostel together and went for some beer (26 in total...) to a nearby Bar.
I have to say I kind of felt like old and  boring at some point. I went to bed super early those nights in Santiago. I do not know if I just grew out of party hostels, or that I was just tired after eight months abroad. I guess I was just a but tired of all this traveling. I think I was mentally ready to go back home.
Santiago is still for sure a great place to go out and do stuff. Those four days were just not enough to see all of it and additionally I was not in the mood to run from one tourist attraction to the next one.
Its interesting how at some point you do not even feel bad about doing nothing. You are kind of used to a change of location, that it gets so normal, that it doesn't even feel like you are a tourist. You feel more like its your real life and that you can do all those things you might do back home, without feeling bad about it.

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