La Paz, Bolivia - Volunteering at a Party Hostel

I'm sitting in the bus towards Peru. I'm looking out of the window and smile. I just realized how lucky I am that I am living the dream I always had. Traveling to all those exotic, amazing countries I used to know from BBC documentations.
I'm listening to Alt J and I am happy. I am also a little bit sad because I just left my hostel family at Wild rovers. I never planned staying there so long in the first place but I started working there after staying there not even one day. I met so many amazing fun people that became my hostelfamily.
There were Gemma and Caitlyn two fun Irish girls. Katerina from Russia who is on the road since two years and her half boyfriend Adam. Marion, the cute French girl that is going to visit me in Germany in April. PJ from Australia who used to dance on top of the bar in a dress without underwear. Not to forget Rhys who was basically always drunk or sick. Anyways those lovey people became my friends there and it was a fantastic time.
I got the job while talking to one of the volunteers in the bathrooms. The next day the barmanager hired me and I started working. I first stayed at a 20 dorm bedroom and moved to the staffroom later.
The staffroom was seriously the biggest a mess I have seen in my whole life. I don't think anyone cleaned it in ages. You could find hundreds of uses condoms between the beds and the wall on the floor. *uuurgh*
I managed to loose my second pair of pants there and I never found them again.

The shifts in the bar were nine hour long. Besides making drinks we gave out free shots, danced on the bar, made bodyshots or drunk Baby Guinness.
Wild rovers is a huge party. Its like a frat party to be more detailed. Its so much fun. But nobody last longer than two weeks without dying. I don't know how the bar manager did it. But he was drunk every night and I don't think he could survive it otherwise.
We had different theme parties. From Uv light parties to 90s parties.
Yesterday PJ and Paul (my hostellover) wore dresses (without underwear) while dancing on the bar. I am hundred percent sure everyone saw everything...

Side note: switched to "the xx- intro" and the song is such an eargasm. I get kinda sad. I am leaving a wonderful place again. I am leaving new friends. I am starting a new little adventure and i have to restart again. But that's what traveling is about. That's what I choose over everything else right now.
I am going to meet Sean and Timmy whom I used to work with at Milhouse in Cusco anyways.
 I met Timmy and Sean in the bar some days ago. Did not know they'd be there. But its always exciting to meet people you know. Like you meet old friends back home.
We did the death road together and it was a huge blast.

 During my time in La Paz I did a trek up a mountain called Mount Chacaltaya, I did the death road, visited Valle de La Luna, did a walking tour, took all the cable cars and visited a lot of different markets.
The city is truly an amazing place. Here in Bolivia I first felt like I was really in South America. Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are very westernized. Bolivia reminded me more of the south east Asia flair. Cheap prices, totally different culture, everything very back in time.
The streets are full of minibuses and old rally cars turned into cabs.
Traditionally dressed "cholitas" selling food and other things on markets or next to the road.
Its hard to describe such a diverse city.
Its hard to put my experience into words.
Here in La Paz I had for the first time, while traveling, the feeling, that I found myself. That I found out, why I travel, what I am looking for and what all this "solotraveling" really means.
For the first time I realised that it gives you the chance to be who ever you want. That you do not have to be the person every one expect you to be.
And I realised that travelling is a huge up and down. It does not always have to be amazing, it is totally okay to have down days, to have chill days in Hammocks without socialising with anyone. That it is okay to be for yourself doing whatever you want.
I realised, that even if I love traveling I also love being back home with my family and friends. That both lifestyles have their pros and cons. And I know now, that I will never choose one over the other. I'll always be a part time traveller. But maybe one day it will be possible to combine both.
On one of my last days I got a tattoo as a memory. I know I will never forget this time, but its nice to have something to look at that gives you a little smile on your lips. Like your own little secret.
(Seriously that was the most panefull tattoo I ever got. On my spine. And as a Solotraveler you go through it on your own. Without having anyone holding your hand).
The longer I stayed the more I enjoyed my stay. It was like having a new family and new friends that actually stay for sometime without disappearing to other unknown lands.
I was still travelling, but I also was having a quiet stable place for at least some time.

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