Arequipa - Peru {Traveldiary}

During my time in Cusco I met Dominic,  originally from Munich. 
After the jungle trek I stayed in Cusco some more days and spend my time with him. After four action rich days trekking it was nice to spend some calm ones. 
Our days usually started with us going to the local market and for a cheap but super tasty Avocado Sandwich and a liter of frech smoothie, served in big measuring cups
Afterwards we went to the city, watched a tv show we started together or prepared Guacamole or other food. It was a relaxing life. 

We decided to keep on traveling together and booked a bus to Arequipa, the south of Peru. 
Arequipa is also known as the white city because of its buildings made out of white volcano stones. 
We arrived early in the morning after  a very comfortable bus ride in the first class. We did not know yet what we wanted to do in the city, so we decided to first go on  walking tour and see later on what our plans would be. 
We started our day with French Crepes in a Creperie in the old town. 
(Seriously the most delicious crepes - besides the ones my mom makes- i ever had). Afterwards we joined the walking tour to learn something about the city. We walked through the old town and visited some churches and nice places. 
Before heading home we did some grocery shopping for the dinner we wanted to cook in the hostel. 
It ended up with us drinking wine, playing pool and cooking besides that. (I won after a long 45 minute game because we were both way to terrible at this game). 
It was an early night, because we were both tired. 
The second day we walked around the city on our own. We visited a place called Mundo Alpaca, where you can learn about the production o Alpaca Products. In the end we spend way more time taking pictures together at old, abandoned cars in the backyard, than actually at the Alpacas. 
The rest of the day was quiet chilled. I need to say it's been a long time i haven't been out drinking hard. I think my time working in Wild rover was so packed with parties and drinking that I felt like being in rehab in Arequipa. 
We literally just watched tv shows and a movie the rest of the day. In between we ate some mangos, drunk tee and smoked some Flores.
Nice backpacker lifestyle. 

For our third day we had the Colca Canyon tour on our schedule. We had to wake up at 4 in the morning to get picked up by minibus. Tired and still half sleeping we checked out and started the three hour bus trip to the canyon. We slept in various un comfy positions and woke up again for breakfast. Breakfast in South American hostels is basically just bread and jam. Every fucking time. I cant see this anymore. Anyways, food is food. After our breakfast we had half an hour more in the  us before the actual fun would start. Hiking. Okay, I have mixed feelings about hiking and trekking in general. Its a hate-love as you would say in german. It means, I hate it while I do it. I m so unsporty, If i would not push me doing those kind of things I d be a lazy couch potato. So while I hike I ask myself why on earth I would walk up huge mountains on purpose. In rain. When its cold. 
But as soon as I arrive up there, seeing the wonderful landscape (...or not because there is fog and rain everywhere), I love it.
So I hate and love it at the same time. 
Anyways the first day was a six hour hike ending in the so called Oasis. The Oasis is a green place with some lodges. We had a pool, cabins (Dominic and I got our own one.. I guess nobody wanted the two of us sharing one room with them haha). 
We spend the evening with the other hikers in the little bar of the lodge. Playing drinking games, laughing and having a good time. It was another early night because we had to wake up at five for a three hour straight hike up to the top of the mountain. 
Holy shit the most  challenging hike ever. 
But as I found out it is manageable. The key I succes- just kidding. The key to not dying there is to walk constantly in a slow rhythm. Going in a speed where you have a normal breath without collapsing. Just walking, listening to music, not stopping and being very slow. 
It worked, the only Tiring thing was the constant walking, not the walking uphill part. 
We all made it up there, nobody had to be picked up by donkey. Yes the option was given. 
But who on earth wants to say they got all the way up by a donkey instead of walking. 
The rest of the day was pretty chill. It ended in extremely hot hotsprings. So amazing felt like a newborn afterwards. 
The whole day ended with an all you can eat buffet. I think I haven't eaten so much in my whole travels. That chocolate cake at the end was just way to tasty. Had to sneak some out for later... 

When we came back we booked one last night in the same hostel. We had to make some planning and unfortunately we decided that it would not work to keep on traveling together. I had to be in Buenos Aires in two weeks by bus. And he had to be in Colombia. There was no city Wort visiting that we both could have reached without doing a huge "Umweg". 
It was pretty sad because we had spend a great time together the last two weeks. But that is often the problem. 
(I'm still sure we're going to meet us again when he comes back to Munich). 
Still it was sad to leave. I decided to leave back to Buenos Aires via Chile. So I booked a night in the boarder city Arica. He went north to Ica. 
So the day after the tour we had to say our goodbyes and go our own ways. You see there is not always a upside while traveling. There are a lot of downsides. And saying goodbye to people you start liking a lot is one of them. Not knowing if you're going to see you again and if yes how it's going to be. But that's the sacrifice we travelers make. 

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