Rio de Janeiro {Traveldiary}

Rio. You lovely, colorful city. I did not had enough time to get to know you. I wished we had more time together. I wished I could have explored every part of you.

I remember, about three months into my Buenos Aires time, that I finally had the feeling to know the city. Buenos Aires, so is Rio, is a huge, divers city that cannot be fully understand and explored until staying there for quiet a while. It took me ages to have the feeling, to really know that place and to feel at home. I could have stayed longer in Rio. A week is nothing. A week is enough time for all the tourist attractions. But to really get deep into the Rio lifestyle, you for sure have to stay longer.
I stayed at the Books Hostel in Rio. There I met Line and Kristian. Two incredible cool Danes (can't write anything else because Kristian is looking over my shoulder right now while we sit in an Hammock watching the sea). I also met Neha and Jenna, two Australian teachers. Together we visited the Christo de Redender, the Sugar Loaf, Copacabana (and Ipanema Beach). We also celebrated the Carnival Opening in the streets and had several parties with loads of Caipirinhas. The weather switched between sun and rain. We switched between drunk and sober. Its hard to know, where to start. We did loads of diferent things during our time there. On our first day, we went to the Sugar Loaf. Two mountains at the boarder of the city. To get up there you have to take a gondola. Its quiet pricy, but the view is overhelming. It was a really hot day. But we had a cloudless view and a fun time. Before heading back we went to a near by beach to cool off. Back at the hostel we brought Caipirinhas and played card games with other Backpackers. Later that evening we went to the opening of the Carnival. Surely not comparable to the real Carnival. It was basicly just loads of people walking down the streets drinking. There was still a lot of glitter and music. Cant imagine how it would be during the real Carnival!
The following day we got up (extremely early for backpackers condition) to go to the Christo. But it was worth it! We were one of the first up on the mountain. Having "giant Jesus" as Jenna used to call him, for us. At the same time there was a group of Austrian musicians in their Leatherhosen. I had a huge laugh at seeing them playing their Austrian music in front of Christo. That's how stereotypes are made! After Christo we went to a Shopping center to buy some things. I first refused to get Hawaiianas there, because you can get them way cheaper at the supermarket, but ended up bying some anyways! Poor Kristian, shopping for hours with three girls should not be easy. Especially when we discovered a forever 21 and I had to use Nehas credit card because I brought way to many things!
The third day we went to a closeby market to buy towels, jewelry and other stuff. Afterwards we went to Copacabana Beach for some tanning! Its basicly just a huge beach with a lot of people. Its seriously not as amazing as everyone says. I thought I would just see beautiful people! But it turned out that most of them were just average with fake boobs. We ended up playing "fake or no fake". Was quiet amusing for some time.
On the following day we wanted to go to Ipanema, but unfortunately it started raining as soon as we got close to the beach. As embarrassing as it sound, we just asked our Uber driver to turn around and drive us back to the hostel. We ended up in a one hour total traffic jam in the streets because of people not able to drive in rain. We spend our evenings in general partying in the Hostel. Drinking way to many Caipirinhas and dressing up. I really loved Rio, but I have to admit, I prefer Buenos Aires. I prefer my lovely city back in Argentina. where I can speak Spanish to the locals, drink my mate and walk down the streets without being afraid of getting robbed or Mugged. We managed not to get in any trouble. But I heard a lot of horror stories from some people.
 Kristian and I decided to head west to Paraty together.

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