Paraty - Brazil {Traveldiary}

Oh Paraty! This is a loveletter. A loveletter to the most beautiful city in Brazil (so far). I am sorry, Rio, but Paraty is the place to be, the place I lost my heart to. 

I ended up staying in Paraty longer than planned. Its been more than a week now. I cannot explain how I ended up staying so long. Maybe the people I met here or the place in general. 
Paraty is an old colonial town between Rio and Sao Paolo. Its next to the water, sourrounded by wonderful nature and tropical islands. 
I ended up staying in three different Hostels here. One at the beach, on an island and one in the citycenter. I think I got kind of stucked here. 

I spend the first four nights in an Hostel called Paraty Beach Hostel. It was located directly at the beach. Every morning they served breakfast at the beach. It was a really great time. The atmosphere was really relaxed and social. Also the hostel had a Labrador Retriever called Pucho. The cutest Dog on earth. He used to run behind the bar, pick up some limes and run back to me. He dropped the lime in front of me and waited for me to throw it. He then run, got the lime and dropped it in mylab or before my feet. I died every time of cuteness. 
I spend my time at Paraty Beach Hostel with Kris from Rio. We went exploring the waterfalls together with an Israeli and a Aussie. The waterfalls are of course not comparable with the Iguazu ones. But the cool thing was that there was a natural waterslide. People slide down the smooth stones into the water. The pro experts even did it standing up. Or from Israel tried it as well. He ended up hitting his head (needed to get it stiched at the Hospital.. upssss...). I also nearly had to go to Hospital. But that was just because I cannot see blood and I felt super dizzy as soon as I saw the blood on his head haha. I told Or that in case something would happen like this again, I could not help him, because of my phobia.
The following day we did a Boat trip. We got six hours of free Caipirinha while driving from one Island to another. Seriously there is nothing better than getting hammered while being in Paradise, not caring about anything. (I had to take a three hour nap when we returned because I was slightly wasted). 
It was a real fun day. Meeting so many new people, jumping in the water from the boat. Making front and backflip competitions (..and totally failing). 
We felt like on a Yacht trip with a personal Bartender. 

Another day I went for a daytrip to Trinidade. I met Nick from England and we enjoyed the little beachtown together. The beach was way nicer than the one in Paraty. But it started raining ( it does at least twice a day here) and we decided to go get us some food. So we went to a Restaurant and got some Fish with Rice. When we wanted to head back we realised that it would take us ages to get into the bus. There was a long line of people and just one bus every hour. 
So I decided to ask people leaving from the Parking Lot if they were on the way back to Paraty. A lovely Family from Rio agreed to take us with them and we hitchhiked back to Paraty. Nothing nicer than the annoyed faces by the people seeing us waiting for the bus (hehe)

After our stay at Paraty Beach Hostel Kris and I decided to check out another hostel that is located on an Island that can only be reached by boat. 
We got in contact with the owner and he told us that he would pick us up at the pier the following day. 
It turned out to be a Eco Hostel owned by a Swiss couple in a lovely location. It was a total chill out place. No wifi, no people. Just some relaxed guests. We literaly spend our days eating, sleeping, snorkling and swimming. 
We once took a hike up the mountain for a breathtaking view over Paraty. Another time Kris and I went Standup paddling. Not as easy as we thought it would be. I was just sitting infront not trying to move, while he tried to keep the balance. We gave up after twenty minutes because we were both really uncapable of doing it. 

I decided to keep on traveling on my own. I really liked spending time with Kris and traveling together for a while. But I am a solo traveler. I like doing whatever I want to do. It was not that I did not enjoy spending my days with someone. It was just that, at some point, I had the urge to keep on traveling by myself. Meet new people and new places, without being the one traveling with someone else. 
So I left the Island back to Paraty were I booked me into a hostel in the citycenter. 
I just needed some time on my own. I wrote postcards, went to the citycenter, took pictures and brought me a really nice hammock. 
Its been a great time so far here. But now I know, that its time to leave. Paraty was amazing, but after eight days, I know I need to keep on going. 

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