Florianopolis - Brazil {Traveldiary}

The journey to Floripa

It was a long journey to get to Floripa, Brazil! The trip took me 36 hours with one short night at Porto Alegre (that in the end turned out to be totally unnecessary).  It was raining the whole day, there were no sights or any interesting points to see, and its not the safest city in Brasil!
The Hostel I stayed at was just half booked in and besides some Brasilian people there was no one else. 
I went to bed at around ten that night and checked out super early the next morning. Some Brasilian guys who were on a roadtrip were so nice to drop me off at the busstation. Never been so happy to leave a place. I started thinking my whole Brasil trip would be a huge disappointment. I thought I would not meet any people, that most of the hostels in Brasil would be like the one in Porto Alegre and that I would in general have a miserable time. Because everyone who told me that Brasil is amazing was for sure lying. Of course they are not! 
Lets say I had the same thoughts I usually have before a big trip. 
But let's face it, I never heard of someone coming back from a South America trip who did not enjoy their time. 

Floripa day 1 

As soon as I arrived at the Hostel in Floripa I knew that all my thoughts were really unnecessary. Its just that no backpacker would visit Porto Alegre. Why would they if there are beautiful beaches, waterfalls and lively cities.
The Hostel had the best location you could imagine. Right next to the beach! With a beautiful view over the ocean! 
The first thing I noticed here was the humidity. Seriously I thought I would not be able to survive it! You basicly had to change every two hours into dry clothes or get a shower.
As soon as I arrived I met two Germans, Theresa and Nils. We found out that we were basically the only gringos in the whole hostel. I need to say that it was the first time in general that I stayed at hostels were the majority was native. But as people explained, it was mostly because of the national holidays and that usually the hostels here are booked by gringos.
After settling in I went for a swim at the ocean and walked around for a bit. Later I met up with Theresa and Nils and We spend the night playing card games and drinking Caipis. Later on we went to a club with the brasilians were they played live samba music.

Floripa day 2

Due to the humid weather my sleep was really decent. I woke up at six in the morning and decided to go surfing. I got the beach for myself (amazing!!). Unfortunately the waves were pretty shitty. (Or maybe it was  just me unable to surf). 
When I came back Nils was awake and we decided to explore some trails around the hostel. It felt like being part of the tv show lost. I really like those kind of adventures, walking barefoot in the jungle , totally back to the nature. The trail ended at a place near the water so we decided to take a swim. We had the paradise for us ... (Until huge groups of Brazilians arrived. Seriously worse thaon Chinese tourgroups haha).
We came back around noon and decided to make some traditional Brazilian food. One of the hostelmates introduced us to a product made out of roots that can be used for making a sort of pancake. It was fun to be all together in the kitchen cooking while listening to samba music. 
Unfortunately the weather switched between heavy rainfall and humid cloudy weather. I don't remember a time were I had to change my clothes often. 
When the weather cleared a bit we went to a small beach popular under young brailians. We played music, talked and went swimming. The evening we spend really chilled at the hostel. Playing card games and drinking beer. I went to bed way to early, but due to my early awakening I was so tired. 

Floripa day 3 

The last day of 2016. The end of a year full of adventures and experiences. O need to say, it did not feel like it. Usually I am spending new years in winter time. Where it's cold and snowing. Not in a bikini at the beach of brazil. It felt so surreal. Like something was not correct. 
Theresa, Nils and I had to go to the city because we ran out of cash. So we took a bus up to the other part of the island. We also brought some bottles of wodka and wine for the new years party. On our way back we decided take a boat instead of the bus. Unfortunately we missed it by five minutes but Theresa came up with the fun idea to hitchhike back. But instead of asking people who drove by she asked two guys sitting in a little boat if they could bring us back to our part of the island. So we got a fun boat ride back too our place. 
For the afternoon the hostel had organized a booze cruise. It turned out to be a real fun afternoon. The whole hostel was on the boat. We stopped at two different places for a swim. We ended up doing challenges about who could make the best jumps off the roof. It was like paradise. Such an amazing location. Warm water, cold beer and a lot of fun. 
For the night and the big guests Theresa and I decided to go shopping. Apparently wearing white brings peace for the new year. I got me a really (super sexy) Bikini for the beach party at the night. Theresa a white cute dress. 
The party started at the hostel. We drunk caipis and beer and had some homemade Brazilian food. We all danced on tables and had a huge blast. Some minutes before midnight we went down to the beach. So many beautiful people in white outfits. We had our bottles of Champaign and counted down to 0. Another tradition is to jump over 7 waves at midnight to make sure you'll have a lot of luck for the next year. 
The party at the beach was amazing. Spending new years at the ocean is a truly new experience. Theresa, Nils and I ended up dancing for hours to some goa electro music. That as well was a new experience. You really have to be in the zone for it. Get free of everything and let go. At around five we headed back home because we were super exhausted. 
At six in the morning we got Salem up by the Brazilians coming back home. They were singing loud and still partying. I think they are still somewhere now drinking and celebrating. 

Floripa Day 4 

The first day of the new year is unofficially not a real day, as Theresa explained. The first day you are supposed to do nothing. 
So we followed her instructions and basically did nothing the whole day.
When we came down for breakfast the Brazilians where still celebrating. I don't  know how they do it, but apparently they are good at it. They kind of forced us to drink another beer with them! We could not say no, so we started drinking again at a really un human time. 
The rest of the day was a mix of beach, food and sleep. Sounds like the perfect vacation! 
I already broke my first New Years resolution! What a shame. But seriously why on earth did I came up with the idea to be healthier and drink less during my brazil vacation! Really stupid idea marina! 

Floripa day 5 

Day five was more adventurous than the previous one. 
I was supposed to meet an old friend of my dad who he used to work with in Curitiba for ages. He and his family stayed at the other side on the island and invited me over for a Brazilian Asado. 
The problem was, that this part of the island is not that easy to reach. We had some motorbikes booked for that day, because Theresa and Nils wanted to do a trip around the Island. So we thought we could drop me off at the friends house. Unfortunately- welcome to Brazil- the electricity was down again (4th time here) and the guy with the bikes did not show up. I got kind of angry, because we booked them and he did not show up. Normally it would not be a big deal, but I was supposed to meet my fathers friends during the morning and I did not want to be the one not showing up in the last minute. 
Two hours later the Motorbike guy finally showed up and explained us that there was just one instead of two bikes. Thanks, really what an Organisation haha! 
Anyway I took of with Theresa and we had a really blast driving through the mountains up to the northern part! 
She dropped me off and picked up Nils for another ride. 
My dads friends were really lovely people! We spend the day at the beach with beer and had a Bbq later the day! 
At the evening Nils came back to pick me up again and we drove back to the hostel! Theresa, Nils and I decided to travel together to Iguazu the next day! 
A bit of a change in my plans- did I have a plan anyways?- but I thought it needed to be "done". Like a South America trip without the Iguazu would not be a South America trip! 
So we booked a ticket and a Hostel and we would be settling off the next day! Another long, long bus ride! 

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