Weekend in San Antonio de Areco

San Antonio de Areco is a small town two hours away from Buenos Aires. It is known for its Gaucho ("Cowboy") culture. It is a a beautiful place with old, small houses, lonely streets and a lot of nature around it. 

So this weekend I had to leave the city. Seriously, its loud, its big, its humid. At some point, especially if you live and work in an hostel, you just have the need to leave. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Buenos Aires, but I just had to get out of town for some days. I decided to leave to San Antonio de Areco, because it is known for its Gaucho culture. Also there where two hostels avaiable, so I thought, it might not be that far from civilisation. 
I just needed some days with a pool, where I can chill and do nothing. I wanted to have a quiet relaxing place, to read, swim and do nothing. 
So I booked me into the "El Puesto" Hostel and took a bus to San Antonio. 
As soon as I arrived I realised I do not have any connection or data. So I stand there at the bus station looking to the right and to the left without having any ideas about where I was supposed to go to.
I tried to remember the map I looked at before, but everything just looked so alike. So I started walking around and started asking around. Two guys from San Antonio where so nice to help me out and after a long walk into the town I found the hostel. Seriously such a nice place. Everything I wanted. A pool, a garden a bar and a nice house. I could not imagine to leave anymore. 
I literally spend the whole day at the pool tanning, listening to some music and drinking Fernet. 
It was perfect. I did not even need to do any conversation with people, because I was so chilled out. 
I decided to meet up with a friend of mine from Buenos Aires who use to work on a Ranch near San Antonio during the weekends. So he picked me up with some drinks and we drove to the ranch. We stayed at the Ranch the whole evening, drinking Fernet and taking some of the horses for a ride around the campo. It was so wild, gaucho style. Without any equipment we just ride around in the dark, watching the stars and drinking. 
The next morning I spend tanning at the pool again. Pablo and I decided to meet up during the day and do a daytrip horseback riding to one of his friends houses. So he picked me up after I checked out of the hostel and we got us two horses from the ranch. We started riding along fields. It was extremely hot, but oh boy there is nothing nicer that doing horseback riding in the middle of the nature. Endless fields, some trees, a lot of horses. 
I am not used to do that kind of thing. Horseback riding was never my specialty. So when we got a bit faster, okay I wont lie we where really fast, I just thought, this felt like rodeo riding. Just the more dangerous version of it. But it is such a free feeling you get. Like nothing can stop you. You do not care about anything anymore. Just you, your horse and the endless nature. 

I need to say during my time in San Antonio I did not spend a lot of time in the town itself, so I cannot say anything about that. But when it comes to nature, a bit of adventure and relaxation you are completely right here, I had such a fun time out there that I was kind of sad to leave for Buenos Aires again. 
I felt like a wild girl when I was there, riding around the fields, being free and independent. 

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