The big day (...or how I not try to freak out)

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow I am heading off for a three month solo trip around Brazil and -if I make it out alive - to Colombia and Ecuador. I need to say I am a bit nervous. And probably scared as well. 
I was for sure not that nervous before leaving for Asia earlier this year, nor for any other trip I have done. 
But why so nervous now? I spend afternoons googling things about Brazil. About safety (biggest issue), language (working on it) and other important stuff. 
I know myself, before heading of somewhere I want to know everything to the smallest detail. I always find out later that you cannot know everything without being there. So why the stress? Why not just go and find out? Well I try to, but I need to say that south America has for sure a bigger safety issue than any other continent. I met several people who got mugged, robed and into bad situations. I do not want to be the one loosing all my stuff due to someone holding me up with a gun pointed to my head. But why so negative. Most of the people I met had a "fucking incredible time". 
I should not go traveling to Brazil thinking I won't make it out without an incident. It would ruin my whole experience. And in the end, those things are just materials that are replaceble. 
I just need to follow simple rules when staying in bigger cities. 
"Dont walk around during the night on your own" "dont take your phone, camera or other stuff to the beach or to a party"
"Dont wear expensive jewelery"
I dont know how often I read about those things. 

Also I need to add, that I lived in a dangerous city for the last six months (BA in case someone forgot 😃). 
I never had an incident there. But i got to know some people who lost all their belongings. The only question here is if it was stupidity or not.  
(Also they might have looked more like a tourist as I did). 
So maybe its a mix of miserable timing, stupidity and bad luck. 
Anyways, tomorrow I will head off to Brazil. I will hide my stuff as good as I can and I will always put some emergency money into my socks (as my dad made me promise) and I will try to enjoy my time as much as I can. 
I will have the craziest months of my life, I will go sandboarding, surfing, rafting. I will explore the jungle, run for my life when I see a huge spider, and sleep in hammocks. It will be awesome. And - in case I still have my go pro afterwards, you're for sure welcome to see it as an aftervideo. 

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