Confessions of a Party Hostel Volunteer

You wont get a lot of sleep.

In fact your sleeping rhythm will be more than fucked up. You will switch between long shifts that last until late night and morning shifts. And if you got the morning shift and want to have some decent sleep you will be waken up by the ones coming back from the night shifts. Also if you do not work, you will be sitting at the hostel bar talking to other travelers, play pool or drinking games. I mean, who needs sleep anyways right! Totally overrated.

You will be drunk more often than you think you will be.

"Today I am not going to drink", never works out. Even if you plan to stay in, relax you might find yourself at the bar with a free, way to strong Gin Tonic in your hand. Then you start talking to people, having a good time and ... well you know how it ends. 
Seriously every night that started with a "I wont be drinking" ended with a "I should not have drunk so much". 
And if additionally you get the drinks for free, you might turn into a alcoholic after your stay. 

Staff room is indeed a huge mess.

Seriously a bunch of people sharing one room for more than some days will turn it into a post apocalyptic mess. You wont find any of your stuff anymore. During my first night I lost my pants in the room and I never found them again! 
I am hundred percent sure, that half of the stuff here is from staff members who left the hostel years ago. 

Nobody wants the top bunk bed. 

If you can take the bottom bed. Every time you need something you need to get down, everytime you pick up a girl/guy you need to get up there first. When your drunk, you sometimes cannot even make it up there. In general its exhausting to have the top bed. The bottom one is easier to reach, can offer more privacy and is just in general more comfortable. 

You never ever want to miss the free breakfast.

It does not matter how long you stayed out the night before, if free breakfast ends at 10 you will be down there at 9:55, half asleep, grab some bread and fruits and go back to bed afterwards for probably the next five hours. 

Backpackers turn into guests. 

So even if you are a backpacker, just volunteering, you will not experience it as the other ones will. You probably work there for some weeks, and you have done most of the stuff in the city anyways, so why bothering to do the walking tour with other backpackers. You have had many party nights and done the same pubcrawl over and over. So you kind of turn into the volunteer that spends some time with some other backpackers, but you do not really care anymore, because every day new people come and you where just the volunteer, not the traveler who is super excited about the city and who bonds with everyone. You are not one of them. 

The staff becomes your family. 

The staff members are the only ones who stay. You share a room, a bathroom, kind of everything. They saw you in underwear, they saw you drunk, they saw you picking up someone. They know it all. 

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