Day 120 - Moving out of Casa Holanda

Pierre, me and our pool
Its half two and I cant sleep anymore. I am lying in my hostelbed, thinking about the following month. Tomorrow I am starting my first volunteer job at one of Bunenos Aires best Hostels. 
I moved out of Casa Holanda this morning, still half hangover from a rooftop headphone party I've been to the night before. 
Why did I move out, might be the question here? Well first of all the rent of the room I had wasn't that cheap and the owner decided to raise the price. Secondly most of my flatmates are going to move out in the following two weeks anyways. And with new people moving in it would not be the same, because my so new family is not going to be there anymore. And the last reason is, that my classes end last week. So the only reason I am here in Buenos Aires right now is just the fact that I have my four finals in December. That means I would have plenty of time to "kill" without having my friends around. So I decided I ll do volunteer work at a Hostel. I would get a free accommodation in exchange to some work at the hostel bar. That would keep me busy and give me the chance to hang out with new people and volunteers. 
Hugo and Meline 
Since I am here, I feel like a traveler again. I just love the hostel atmosphere. The shitshat in the kitchen and common room. The travelers talks at the bar and deep conversations about god know what over a bottle of wine. I really missed that feeling. It is exciting every time to move to another place. Even if its just another neighborhood. I mean I really love Buenos Aires, but after four months now I feel like I have had enough of the city. Its a huge metropol and its hard to escape it. Its loud and busy. And during the hot days you just wish you could hang out at a beach or lake. Both not possible in beautiful Buenos Aires. Don't get me wrong, I love the city. the flair and lifestyle, but I need to say, that its not my favorite one. I feel like its time to move on and see some more of south America. Unfortunately the last exam is the 22. December. So one month to go before I am free to travel around. 

Me, myself and I

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