Confessions of a backpacker

I look down on my drink in my hand and try to hide my smile. I remember the story my best friend just told as it was yesterday. I look up again and cant change it but laugh out loud. It feels like I just heard the story for the first time, totally forgetting that I am the main character in it. I take a sip of my Caipirinha, lean back and watch her telling all the embarrassing details to a group of friends that were with us. I grin and shake my head. Boy, sometimes I do not know if I should find myself hilarious or just embarrassing. 
"Marina, that is so you!", a friend of us shout out loud. 
"Of course, who else would do that?", my best friend screams and nearly spills her bottle of beer. 
"Why is that totally me?", I asked, playing the offended one. "I mean, seriously, it sound like I am doing those kind of things every other day!"
"Because you do!", came back unisono from the rest of the table. 
And it is true. My friends and some of my friends friends know me. They know who I am. I am the crazy, world traveling nomad, who never plans on settling down.
Sitting here with my friends feels more like being part of a comedy show than real life. My best friend stopped in the middle of the story because she could not stop laughing anymore.
"...and then she just stand there, looking confused and asked: "By the way, where is B.?" That was the moment it hit me. She had no idea, she was telling me all the details without knowing he was right behind her in the room! Seriously I was laughing for the following twenty minutes, because he heard every embarrassing detail she told me. She was so ashamed she could not look at him without flashing the whole evening. And trust me there where things, most of the people do not even tell their best friends in secret. But she just told him everything without even knowing it."
"So you!", yelled one of my friends after she finished laughing. 
"Oh stop it, as if you guys never had any embarrassing stories abroad?!", I said laughing. "Still pretty hilarious..."
"Well... if we start like this, I know another of Marinas stories!", my best friend started and kept on laughing.
"Here we go...", I just said more to myself than to anyone else. I took another sip and grinned. "But before that, guys I just want you to keep in mind, that M. herself hat some good stories! Back then when we where in Cancun..."
"You mean were we wanted to celebrate our last night and do something crazy and ended up food poisoned in our hotel room watching that bad mexican kids animation about an ant?"
"Yeah or were you tried stealing one of the Coconuts from the trees and I took that horrible picture of you where you look sunburned as hell... I think I might have the picture on my phone..."
"Dont you dare..." my best friend cried out. 

Guys, lets be honest here. We are travelers, we are open minded people, be backpack threw laidback, wild, exotic countries, we have eaten, seen and experienced things other people havent. We do not mind peeing in the wild, sleeping on bamboo mats or hitchihiking. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes we accidentally do embarrassing stuff. Sometimes crazy things happen. And that  is good, we always have hilarious stories to tell at the end of the evening. The best nights are those, were you sit around a campfire with total strangers and battle each other with the most fucked up travel story. And we are not the only ones. Every backpacker has its story. We  had had a flirt somewhere, had a crazy bunk story to tell, missed a flight or had travelers diarrhea. Seriously, I remember me throwing up in a minivan in Thailand next to my crush. I nearly missed my flight because I was still on a jungle rave in cambodia. I got lost in the jungle trying to find my hostel. I fell asleep in a hostelshower because I was so tired from traveling. I managed to go from Helsinki to Tallinn to Riga and Warschau in one day. Everyone has their stories. And most of them are good ones to tell your friends at gettogethers.

It feels that those kind of stories are often left out. Of course some things you would never tell your parents of tell openly in the internet because you never know who is reading this. But we are all humans, and especially the ones backpacking the world most know it. We all experienced crazy stuff and kind of never talk about it because it still seems like a subject nobody would talk about. Traveling is not all glamorous and sparking. Its about real life experiences. Its things that are often forget to tell. And most often, those stories are the ones we will always remember and probably laugh about the most.  

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