You know you are in Argentina...

...  when you can't play "Pokemon go" because someone will steal your phone on the streets.

...  when you have to fly to Chile to buy a new Phone cause it's still cheaper than buying it here.

... when you need to carry a bigger handbag, because your mate tea thermos bottle won't fit.

... when you got to skip class because that party last night last until eight in the morning.

... when the whole class laughs at you because you are a vegetarian.

... when you don't get post because your house doesn't even have a mailbox.

... when the carpet seller from next door wants to marry you.

... when Fernet is your new favorite drink (otherwise you would be banished from Argentinean grounds).

... when weird man sitting on horses with mate tea in their hands appear on your Tinder.

... when you got to carry hundreds of bills with you (feeling like a rich bitch) because there is nothing bigger than a 6 Dollar bill.

...when it smells like Asado (BBQ) in every street corner.

...when you need to drive an hour with the bus just to visit your friend in the "next" neighborhood.

...when you arrive half an hour to late to your class, because your teacher will be later anyways.

... when you eat Dulce de Leche for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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