Day 9 - A Weekend at Casa Holanda [Traveldiary]

This is Casa Holanda. Those are the people I live with. The picture was taken by Alex with his Polaroid Camera and is now on our fridge. 
Casa Holanda is a bit like a Hostel. We have a house to ourself, with co-rooms and single ones, a kitchen, a common room and a huge terrace. All together we are around 13 people. We have a lot of frenchs here, a guy from Holland, three Germans, a Mexican and two Spanish ones. Most of them are staying like me until December.
This is my new family. 
We all like to hang out together and go out during the evenings. Often we cook together, go for activities or drink together. Two days ago we had to do a cleaning day, because our kitchen was so extremely dirty. No one wanted to cook there anymore and some stuff from people living there before us still was there. So we had a little family meeting and we managed to clean everything. 
Yesterday we had a little fiesta with music, rum and a lot of fun. We danced to old nighties songs and played drinking games. Afterwards we wanted to go to a fancy club, but we all kind of separated and in the end we all ended up back home around three. And thats the time most of the people normally go out here. 

Here a normal Weekend at Casa Holanda: 

12:00 am waking up. Going down to the kitchen. Make some Pasta or Rice. 
02:00 pm Siesta 
03:00 pm Meeting to do some sightseeing. 
06:00 pm back home relaxing at the common room 
08:00 pm going to a little Tango dancing class 
10:00 pm someone cooks some food that we all eat. 
11:00 pm first bottle of Rum gets opened 
12:00 pm we start playing drinking games 
02:00 am either you go to bed or you decide to hit the club 
07:00 am if you went to the club you came back very early in the morning 

03:00 pm waking up from last night
04:00 pm eating some food. Find some hangover people in the common room
05:00 pm doing a little siesta
06:00 pm decide to go to the movies 
08:00 pm finally go for a movie
12:00 pm fall in bed. 

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