Day 4 - Our first weekend [Traveldiary]

This city is so extremely big. I feel like five months here won't be enough to explore everything. 
Palermo, the biggest neighborhood, is the size of my hometown! Yesterday we wanted to explore it, but we were just walking around the wrong places and never really found what we were searching for. If you do not know where to go exactly you will spend hours to find the right streets. 
Its a 13 Million city. The second biggest city of south America, with Rio de Janeiro as number one. 

Saturday we went to our first Argentinian Party. The host was a guy I met in Budapest two years ago. I texted him, because I remembered him being from Buenos Aires and by coincidence he had a Party organized for that evening. So Marius, Eva (another German girl from the House) and I left for the Party. We wanted to take a bus. But the bus system in Buenos Aires is not that easy. I am not even sure if you can call it a "system". Its more a standing next to the street and jumping in front of the bus when its coming. 
So we waited half an hour for that bus, but it never came so we took a cab to the party. 
Juan lives in a super cool business apartment and the location of the party was really nice. 
We arrived at 1 am and were the first ones! Everybody appeared around two or three. I need to say, that I was pretty drunk after an hour. And when I had my third Wodka Orange Marius was still busy with his first. Woooops. 
My Spanish is muy malo. I cannot really talk much so I always put English words in the middle of my sentences. It was hard for me to talk to the locals and to understand them. But I feel like its getting better and better with every day that I am here. Its just the vocabulary that I forgot. But its somewhere in my head. It will get better with the time I think. 
We left the party at around six in the morning. And that was still early to go. Those Argentinians are true party animals. The next day we all slept till two in the afternoon. 

The last days were really cold here. Its around 9 celcius and I do not really have a warm winter jacket. I am always cold. I hope spring is coming soon! 
I try to think about other things that happened the last days, but it was mostly sightseeing, partying and hanging out with people. Today we are finally going to college to regristrate for the classes and afterwards I think I might head to the Mall. 

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