Day 0 - The Beginning [Traveldiary]

Hola de Buenos Aires. 
Right now I am sitting on my bed in my little Room in central Buenos Aires. It is cold here and even in my room I can't survive without my new best friend:  the heater. 
I think about the beginning of this story. About the long journey it took us to get here. Maybe I should start at the airport. The place were all that magic of traveling is happening. 
The other exchange student Marius and I started our trip at the Airport in Frankfurt. After saying goodbye to my best friend we checked in. 

First thing, was the totally incompetent guy that should check us in. He didn't manage to find our reservation for the seats - and we definitely had one-  so he got us two new separated seats. Also he could not really tell us if we should get our baggage in Sao Paolo or if it would get directly to Buenos Aires. Also he had no clue that you do not need a Visa in advance. Well lets say, that he did not knew anything. 

Thank god that I set next to a bunch of Asians and a family with four little kids. This flight was definitely the best one ever - NOT. What the actual fuck. The babies couldn't stop crying. The Asians couldn't stop being Asian and I was just there drinking my forth glass of wine and getting fucking drunk. Sometimes Marius and I met up in the aisle to drink together. 
After twelve hours we finally made it to Sao Paolo. After leaving the plane we followed the signs for the transfers. We could not really find the right place to go and after the passcontrol, were they just gave us a stamp without Visa or tourist travel form, we accidentally ended up at the arrival hall. We kind of entered Brazil illegaly. 
When we checked in again and went threw another passcontrol the guys working there were definitely confused how we managed to leave the airport... But they did not really care. Finally we found the way to the Gate and boarded the plane to Buenos Aires.
After arriving in Buenos Aires we booked a busticket to the city center. It took us ages to get there. I have never been in such a huge city. 13 Million habitants. The city is immense. It took us one and a half hours to finally end up in front of the House. 
The place is a huge house with a lot of rooms, shared kitchen and common room. Its comparable with a hostel. Just that the habitants stay for some months instead of days and that you have your own room. People here told me that it feels like a big family. It's like a fraternity. 
The first day ended with us exploring the neighborhood, eating some italian food and falling asleep at eight in the evening. We were actually invited to a party. But our power nap ended up in a long deep sleep. 
Doesn't matter. Tonight (Day1) we are invited on another party. So hasta luego chicos. We'll get wasted. 

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