News: Moving to Argentina

"I'll count to three!"
"Okay... gosh I am so excited!"
"Me too. Should I?"
"Yeah do it!"
CLICK. We booked our way to expensive flights to Buenos Aires.
"Oh my god. We did it. We're really going to Buenos Aires" 
That was the conversation I had with the other exchange student M. some days earlier when we booked our flights to Buenos Aires, dated the 21st July. 

It is for real now. We got our acceptance letters to the University of Palermo some weeks ago and always waited for the booking. But the prices just went up instead of down so we finally did it. 
48 day to go and I haven't organized anything yet but the flights and the vaccinations. 
Yellow fever is necessary and Hepatitis A & B are definitely recommended. I decided to skip on rabies, because it is not mandatory and I survived it in south east Asia without. But you really need to be cautious in presence of animals. 
I haven't looked for an apartment yet and I think I will do this when I am in south America. I also still need to find someone that is interested in renting my flat in Germany. Anyways there are still some things I got to take care of. But everything will come with the time. 

In 48 days I will leave Europe for a new, incredible adventure in Argentina. 

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