How we ended up in Prague just with our phones and wallets.

This is by far the craziest story in a long time. 
My best friend Vanessa and I were on our way back home from college. In our bags just wallet, phone and a notebook. 
We sat in the Tram and Vanessa said, she did not feel like getting of. So we decided to drive an extra round and kept on talking. So we thought to maybe just go to the train station and check if there is any train to Munich or Nuremberg, where we could do a shopping afternoon before going back home in the evening. Very spontaneously we brought our tickets to Nuremberg, but after arriving we kind of had the feeling that this was not our last stop. I don't know why but we decided to just be crazy and to do something absolutely insane. So we were in Nuremberg at the bus station and decided to hop on the next bus driving to Prague. Just the two of us with our little college bags. 
As soon as we stopped for a rest, we brought us some wine and some food to start our little super spontaneous adventure. 
We arrived in Prague around eight and searched for a Hostel directly in old Town Prague, 
We checked in and went for the Pub crawl that night. Still wearing the same stuff. 
After a night of drinking and having a good time with a group of indish people that  we met, we went back to our hostel. Still no toothbrush, no new clothes. 

So the next day we smelled like smoke and alcohol and decided to go for a walk to H&M to at least by a new Shirt and some underpants. Also we got us some shampoo, toothbrush and mascara. We might be insane and travel to Prague with nothing but our wallets, but we are not weirdos, wearing the same underwear for four days haha. 

So the second day we did a walking tour to explore Prague and ended up with another glass of wine and some self made pasta at the rooftop terrace or the hostel. 
Another night of Pub crawl followed. By then we already told some friends and family that we run away from home and that we were living the life in the Czeck republic. 
The following day we moved to another hostel with a better atmosphere. During the day we visited the castle and did some more sightseeing. We had such good weather during our time. I don't want to know, how it would have ended, if it would have been raining the whole day. We did not even have jackets or any warm clothes. 

The last night we spend at the hostel with some cool Aussies, smoked, drunk and played trivia. 

We found a shared ride back to Munich that we took the next morning. The last days were just insane. The two of us surviving with barely anything but a little handbag in Prague. 
It is not easy, but manageable. You really do not need anything to have a good time and to survive at some new place. As long as you have a toothbrush, two shirts to switch that you can clean and some underpants you're good. 

What a crazy trip we had. 

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