Vang Vieng & Don Det - Laos [Traveldiary]

I knew one day our little sweet Slowboat family would break up. That our new paradise would fall apart and that it would not last forever. While we had an amazing time on the Slowboat and in Luang Prabang the days in Vang Vieng switched between good ones and bad ones. Sometimes you meet someone on the road and even when you know, that it wont last forever you are still sad about it to end. I dont want to go into details, I just know that the days in Vang Vieng and Don Det where not all the best ones. I had great days and adventures. We had good nights and cool things we have all done together, but unfortunately it ended. Sometimes you need to move on, to leave some people and to find new ones. As hard as it seem to be, this is what backpacking is about. I am not regreting anything that happend, I just want to say, that I was happy to leave to Cambodia, to leave the family to keep on moving and to try to forget some things.

Some people are good for the moment some are worth a future. 

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is known for the tubing and the party szene in Laos. Unfortunately after some tragic drunk accidents most of the bars at the river closed and the partypeople moved on. Still a nice atmosphere reminding of Pai.
The first day in Vang Vieng the family and I moved into some bungalows at the riverside. We had an amazing view, over the mountains and the jungle. The best thing, was to lie in the hammocks and to eat your breakfast with this stunning view.
We spend the afternoon sitting at the water, drinking beer and enjoying our life and our little paradise. Afterwards we went to get some food at the mainstreet on the other side of the river.
We spend the night at the warm up bar where we got some free shots, played beerpong and Billiard and tried out some Balloons. Anyways it sounds like a good night for everyone. It was just me the problem. Long story short, I left early to go to bed.
The second day did not started good, I tried to enjoy my time and the amazing landscape but sometimes you cant. Sometimes you cant turn off your mind, You think to much and that destroys everything. What I write here is definitly personal. And with this post I want to say, that life on the road is not always super fucking amazing. Sometimes you have bad days. Sometimes you have a bad week.
On this second day I wanted to do so many things, but the family didnt. So we stayed in the city and only went for a little walk to one of the caves. I know it sounds like everything changed to a bad direction. No it didnt, I changed. I realised stuff. I realised that I wasnt travelling alone anymore. I had a group and than I realised why travelling alone was what I wanted. Because you dont need to listen to anyone. You dont need to stay in because the whole group wants to. I could have left, but I felt like I dont want to leave them.  So yes, travelling together can be nice, but sometimes, travelling alone is nicer. Sorry for all this emotional stuff here. But right know thinking about it, I realised some important things.
On the third day we went for tubing and it was a good day again. I had fun, I met some great people and had a good time. We partyied at one of the best locations you could imagine. It felt like spring break in the jungle.
I decided I am ready to leave to Don Det on the forth day. The other ones wanted to stay another night. Max wanted to leave to Vietnam. So for me it was sure I meet the rest of the crew down on the fourthousand Islands in some days.
So I left the family for now. I had booked a sleeper Bus down to the south. It felt weird to leave the group. But I wasnt sad about that.

This might seem like a way to short summary of my time in Vang Vieng, but I actually do not feel like I need to write more about it. I have good and bad memories and nothing more to say.

Don Det

Don Det is beautiful. Its a very small Island in the southest part of Laos. The Island has some hostels, some restaurants and two or three little shops to get some groceries. Thats all. Most part of the island is just untouched nature. The nice thing about Don Det is the direct contact to Locals. You lived basicly with them and most of them are extremly tolerant concerning the little tourism on the island. You felt like they where enjoying having you there. 

I had a reservation for the Easy Go Backpackers Hostel. It was located on the other side of the island so I walked for around twenty minutes in the heat with my backpack. Soon after checking in I met a german and some Austrian guys. We decided to go tubing and we went back to the other side of the island to rent some tubes. With us a south african girl. We had a fun time tubing around the island. Just relaxing and talking. We saw the sunset on one of the Sandislands with some other backpackers.
On my first evening we all sat together at the hostel, played cards, got drunk with whiskey and sprite and watched the stars.
I thought I would meet the family on Don Det, but after sometime without hearing from them, I understood they did not really wanted to meet me. I found out Max didnt go to Vietnam but stayed with them and I found out that it would just be weird "to have me there" when Max is there aswell, because he did not felt like travelling with me anymore. So anyways a fucked up story, that showed me how superficial travel can be. Its over. Its done. I dont give a shit anymore. 

Don Det is really a chill place, there is really nothing to do besides haging in hammocks and going for a swim or hike. I liked it for three days, but I felt like I need to move on to a bigger place, back to civilisation, meeting new people. Forgetting some shitty things that happend. 

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