Siem Reap - Cambodia [Traveldiary]

I am sitting in the bus to the boarder of Cambodia. Done with Laos, ready for a new adventure, for a new stamp in my passport. 
Unfortunately we did not made it far. After we passed the boarder the bus broke down in the middle of nowhere. For an hour we sat in the bus waiting for something to happen. Outside hot 33 degrees. In the bus I met Chrissie from Munich and Aurelie from France. We started talking and decided to leave the bus and wait outside. Apperently the bus could not be fixed and after another half an hour we were told that there would be some minibusses coming to pick us up in an hour. So we where sitting outside waiting. I had some bananas and Chrissie some snacks. A guy got his guitar and starting playing a little bit. 
Finally a minibus came to pick us up. We were fourty people for three buses. Like zombies we all tried to get to the buses first. We made it into the second one. Finally we were back on the road. It took us 16 instead of 8 hours to get to Siem Reap. It was midnight when we took our tuktuk to our hostels. I had booked the Mad Monkey, the most popular hostel in Siem Reap, concerning party. 
Chrissie and Aurelie had another one, not far to walk. 
I was so tired the first night that I went directly to bed. Anf after Laos I was so happy to have a normal matress and a clean room and Shower with hot water! I was happy. 

The next morning I met Chrissie and Auerlie for Breakfast. Gosh in comparision to Laos and Thailand Cambodia is expensive. Besides that the mix of cambodian money and Dollar is super confusing. 
After that we decided to go around the city and to shop some stuff on pubstreet. I also searched for a tattoo shop because I wanted to get one before I go back home. And I did not know if I could get one in Sihanoukville or Koh Rong. 
I found an Artist in Siem Reap and after talking and figuring out what exactly I want he directly offered me to get me inked that day. I called Chrissie and Aurelie and they showed up at the place. 
So I got me half spontaniously a new tattoo in Siem Reap. 
Afterwards I went back to my hostel with Chrissie. Auerlie went to do some sports. I met two collegues from College for a beer. Both of them were travelling south east Asia as well. So it was cool to see them. 
For the evening there was a "traffic light Party" planned on the rooftop. So we changed into nice clothes and got some colours on us to show if we where avaiable or taken. I met Danny on that evening. A fun irish guy from Belfast. We started some rounds of beerpong and we were unbeatable. We won some rounds and got pretty drunk. At midnight we all left for pubstreet. We ended up in a fun club on Pubstreet and ordered cheap Angkor beer. We danced and partied. The music in Cambodian Clubs is definitly not the newest one. But we danced to old 2000er tracks and had a good time. We moved to temple bar later and danced there for some time. I guess it was four when we left back to the hostel. 

The next morning I went up early to go to Angkor with the girls. We got us a TukTuk and spend eight hours in the temples. The area is huge. So many temples, so many things to see and do. It was extremly hot. We were boiling. It was so exhausting, walking around so many tempels at this heat. We saw so many, it was way to much for one day. We loved the one where Tomb Raider was filmed. With huge trees and roots growing around the old ruins. I personaly prefered the less crowded temples a bit farer from Angkor itself. 
It was a great day, we wanted to go see the sunset, but there were so many people we could not enter the place, so we decided to head back to the town at around six. 

In the evening there was the glowing in the dark party so we got ready again and started drinking early. We met the same people as the day befor on the rooftop and played drinking games again. As the night before we ended up in the temple bar. Gosh I had a fun night. I danced like there was no morning. On the streets there were some people getting into dance battles and we had an amazing time. At some point I lost the girls out of my sight and I ended up dancing with Danny. This dude is definitly the most fun guy ever. I dont know if I have ever seen him sober haha. He was constantly drunk. 
I need to say, I dont really remember what I did the last day in Siem Reap. Really I dont remember. I drunk beer and we probably did some stuff but I just remember being back at the pool on the afternoon and to hang with some people. I had a bus going to Koh Rong in the evening. So I did not go out. I just chilled with some people, played some "football" in the pool and drinking granades (tequilla, jaegermeister and red bull). 
Siem Reap was amazing, this city was the best one concerning atmosphere. It was such a different to the remote, laid back laos. I enjoyed it. Met some great amazing people and had much fun. I was kind of sad to leave to Koh Rong. 

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