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Now, after way to much time I finally get to write this post. What happend? Well lets say it like this, the internet connection in Laos is not the best one, additionaly the App I use for blogging while travelling stopped working and I did not had time to find an Internet Cafe. So unfortunately I could not post anything during the last weeks. But I am back, with perfect internet connection and a bunch of new stories.

Luang Prabang

The trip to Luang Prabang took us two nights and two days. First we needed to take a Minibus from Pai to the boarder. Then after a night of sleep the slowboat to Pac Banc where we slept another night until taking the last boat to Luang Prabang. 
It was a fantastic adventure (especially the part where I got half motion sick, half food posioned on the Minibus, I guess Max really enjoyed holding my hair while I ... Well I guess you know what I am talking about).

The busdriver drove in an insane speed to Chiang Khong, he did not even stopped after me asking him. He could be happy that I had a plastic bag with me. Anyways we made it to Chiang Rai and I felt horrible. Thinking about Malaria, Rabies, Japanese En.. I already saw me "dying" haha. Anyways after our actual Guesthouse was apparently totally booked out we go stationated at a british Hostel. I was really thankful for Max taking care of me. 
After a short uncomfortable night of sleep and three pices of Toast I felt a little better! After picking up some other travelers we all drove to the Boarder. Thats where we met the first part of our Slowboat Family. Two Mainers Ben and Caleb. Soon we would be a family of seven spending a great time in Laos. 
After my little Panicattack because I lost my ticket to Laos, other chaotic problems we finally made it to the slowboat. I felt really better and I got me at least 20 minibananas for "20 bath only" and a "big wata only 10 bath" (Those who travelled southeast asia will probably understand) .

We were the last ones to arrive because of my lost ticket (that I found later in my bag). So the only free places were in the back of the boat. And trust me, you do not want to stay there. The engine is extremly loud, the air is hot and some Thai Families with a lot of kids stay there. Anyways we had a pretty good time. Ben and Caleb got some Whiskey ("Cheap, Cheap") and the party could start. We soon met John and Nikita a Canadian couple and B. B is from the UK and probably on of the coolest girls I have ever met. She has a individual style, alsways jokes to tell and cares a lot about people. 

This is how I met my "family". We spend the next seven days all together. 
After some Whiskeys the boys decided to climb up on the top of the Slowboat. I just sat at one of the Windows looking at the stunning view. At some point the boys came back because one of the Thais told them to go back into the boat. 
Max and I enjoyed the view over the Mekong and talked about life. Later we all sat together again, talking and drinking Whiskey. 

I decided to take care, because I was still a bit sick. 
We arrived in the evening at our second destination. A weird little village that could probably just survive because of the tourists. We got us a Guesthouse and after dinner we all went to the "happy bar". We drunk cocktails and sat at a fire. Max and I got along very well. I loved spending time with him. 
We all went to bed around eleven. 
The next morning we got us some good seats in the front of the boat. Again we drunk and talked and Caleb got his Speakers and turned on some nice tunes. Max took pictures with his old  Canon and B and I talked about god knows what.

After walking around in the city they found a place at a chinese backpacking hostel. I arrived at my hostel but decided that I would just spend one night there, because it was definitly not what I thought it would be. I anyways did not really spend any time there. 
On our first evening we went to the night market and ate some great Buffett. Gosh I did not had so much food in a long time. After the dinner we went to Utopia bar, the most famous one in Luang Prabang. Its a chill place with Beachvolleyball, a great view and relaxing pillows on the floor. 
Unfortunately everything closed up at eleven. So apperently the place to be afterwards was the Bowling center. I thought it was a joke at first, but no... The Bowling area was full of people. Drinking, smoking and bowling. What a weird situation. 
On the second day we went to see tha waterfalls and I need to say, they are amazing! Blue water, nature, wildness. The only thing that was really annoying were the one million chinese travelgroups taking thousand pictures of everything but the waterfalls and the unnecesarry umbrellas.
Max and I went for a walk around the nature and waterfalls and climed up to a place that was definitly not made for tourists. A big "do not pass" and "stop dangerous" sign should have stopped us. But no risk no fun. We found the nicest waterfalls I have ever seen. No tourists, no backpackers. Just the two of us and the nature infront of us. 

The second evening Max and the other ones went to Utopia again, but I was really tired that night and did not feel so well so I just stayed in. On the next day we did some sightseeing, went to see the temple on top of the little hill in the city and walked around. Luang Prabang itself doesnt offer so much besides some temples, waterfalls and nightmarkets, so we thought after three days, that it was time to head south to Vang Vieng! 

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