Koh Rong Samloem & Koh Rong - Cambodia [Traveldiary]

Koh Rong Samloem is Paradise. Once you are there you never want to leave. 
First of all its kind of an act to get there. Most of the tourists leave from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong. When I booked the Hostel, I thought it would be on the main Island Koh Rong, but as soon as I arrived at the pier, I found out, mine was on the other one, Koh Rong Samloem. . The less touristy one. The wilder one. So I got on the slowboat that dropped of some people on Koh Rong Samloem before leaving to Koh Rong. 
The Island is sourrounded by blue water, white beaches and a tropical flair. I loved it. There is basicly no wifi, no supermarket, there is nothing but jungle, some bungalows and restaurants. Thats it. Not many tourists, no big action, just a chill place in paradise. 

On the boat I met Nick. I told him about the hostel I booked in. The Mad Monkey. He did not had any accomondation so he decided to try it at Mad Monkey. As soon as we arrived we met Bratt aswell and the three of us decided to go find our hostel. The only thing I knew about the island is, that there are three trails on the island to get to different destinations. Mad monkey was on the other side of the Island, but there was no sign to show us the way. We heard there would be a boat that could pick us up at four, but the three of us were down for adventure, so we decided to take on of the hiked through the jungle. I dont know if it was the best or worst decision. After asking around we found the beginning of the trail. With our huge backpacks we entered the jungle. I dont know if any of you know the Tv Show "Lost", but if you heard of it, you could imagine, how we felt. The trail was not easy with the backpacks. We needed to climb over roots and trees, jump over rocks and climb up. It was hard with a backpack. It was hot and humid, we were sweating and we were really done. But after some time you dont care that you look and feel like shitz. Everyone does. We are in the jungle not on a catwalk. It was an adventure. I could not really walk in my flip flops so I just decided to go barefoot. After fourty minutes we arrived on the other island and I could check in the hostel. Its like a backpackers resort in the middle of a Paradise. Its absolutly amazing! The beds are in a open dorm room. You wake up in the morning and you have the ocean directly in front of you.
First thing I have done the day I arrived was to go for a swim. Gosh it felt amazing. Hot water, nice sun, amazing view. I loved it. The only thing I ve done the whole day was to relax, eat and sunbath. Oh my god, what a beautiful life. I hung out with Bratt and Nick and when the night started we all ordered some pizza, hung out with all the other backpackers, played cards, twister and drinking games. I need to say, that aftr Siem Reap I was a bit tired. I did not felt like partying until four in the morning, I was here to relax and to live life in paradise, so I think I went to bed not to late. 

The next day, Bratt, Nick and I met Allix. We decided to go for another hike on the island, rent some snorkels and go for a snorkling trip. So we hiked back to the main beach where we arrived the day before. It was way easier with no Backpack! 
We ate at a chinese place and found us some snorkels at the dive shop. Then we asked about the second trail to get to the Sunset Beach. There are three Beaches on the Island, the Main Beach, Lazy Beach and Sunset Beach. So there are definetely some cool places to explore. 
We hiked another hour and finally got to sunset beach. Ready for some snorkeling action. The water was clear blue, there was basicly no one at the whole beach! I never saw such a remote, paradise like place. Okay yes it was paradise. I felt like the whole Island just belonged to us. We went snorkeling and saw colorful fish everywhere. For three hours were in the water. Tried different spots and enjoyed our lifes.
Afterwards we went to one of the beachrestaurants. I have never seen such a place without tourists, but we were the only ones on the whole beach. Nearly, maybe two or three other backpackers. We ordered food, played billiard, chilled in hammocks and watched the sunset! I was happy. I never wanted to leave anymore. 
After sunset we needed to hike back to our hostel. It got dark very soon and so we needed to get our flashlights out and hike in the dark. It was an experience for itself. Hiking in the dark. Kind of scary with all the noises in the jungle. After two hours we arrived at our hostel and we started drinking beer again and playing games. I did not feel so well, I think I was kind of dehydrated and had headaches so I went to bed at midnight. 

On the third day I decided to leave Koh Rong Samloem to meet Chrissie and Auerlie from Siem Reap on the main Island. I did not had any boat booked yet so I just showed up at the pier and hoped to get on one of the boats. I waited at the main beach and met Allix, Bratt and Nick there. We chilled a bit and then I left the snorkling team to go to Koh Rong. 
I was, as I am always when I leave a nice place, kind of sad, I knew on Koh Rong the Beach would not be so nice and that everyone get food poisened over there. But it was okay, only reason I went, was to meet the girls. 
The nights on Koh Rong would be my last ones before I would need to leave to Bangkok. I new my trip was going to end soon but I tried to make the best out of the last days. 
I met Aurelie at the Pier of Koh Rong. As soon as I arrived I knew I prefered Koh Rong Samloem. On Koh Rong the beach was dirty, it smelled weird, it was way to touristy. I misse the white sand and the wildness of Samloem. But I knew, for the social aspect, Koh Rong was better. There was even a pubcrawl on the island. The Island has one long beach where all the hostels are located next to each other. 
I booked me in the "island boys" hostel and went for a swim later. Auerlie picked up Chrissie at the Pier later and we all met for dinner again. I did not like Koh Rong so much. But after experiencing Paradise, this was just okay. But at that time I havent been to the other beaches and did not do the snorkeling. So Lets say it like this, the main beach might be dirty and touristy, but when you go further away you can experience some real good paradise beach lifestyle. 
In the evening we hung out at my hostel and played beerpong with some people. Chrissie and I got us a Bucket of Wodka Sprite and the night could start. We partyed until the early morning and the next day I woke up in a Hammock on the Beach because I wasnt able to find my hostel again haha. 
The next morning I felt well, no hangover, nothing. So we decided to go Snorkeling. Karim, one of the Staffmembers joined us and we all left to the nicer part of the Island. Here Snorkeling was nearly as nice as it was on Samloem. For hours we just chilled at the water. Swam around and later sunbathed at on of the beachresorts. Ordered a real italian Pizza (it was sooo yummi) and relaxed. I did a lot of relaxing those last days. 
On the evening we joined the Pub Crawl on the Island. Drinks where cheap, places were fun. We played beerpong again and danced until the morning. We had a nice time. I was back in the party mood after some low nights on Samloem. 
I tried to enjoy my second last night. 
The next morning I left for Sihanoukville. I had one last hostel booked before my bus to Bangkok would leave early morning of the next day. 
When I arrived at the hostel I went for a swim in the pool. I was just playing some water volleyball when I saw Danny at the reception. The Irish guy from Siem Reap. He was there with the same people from the Mad Monkey hostel. It was fun to see him again and we all decided to go that Jungle Party in Sihanoukville. 
So my last night on this trip I was raving hard in the jungle of Cambodia, drinking Whiskey Coke and dancing as there was no morning. We all came back to the hostel early morning. I slept two hours and took the first bus in the morning to Bangkok. I was tired, I was still drunk, I was super exhausted. But who cares, I just had a 36 hours trip in front of me. 
I nearly missed my flight, because we arrived in Bangkok two hours before departure. I could talk the driver into dropping me off at the airport, because if he would not have done it, I would have missed the plane. Living on the edge haha... 
I made it to Germany after 36 hours awake. 
My trip was over. So fast. So sad. I was tanned and looked like a weird hippie. I had flipflops, dirty feet, a chang shirt and I guess a super hungover look on my face. But it was worth it. I had good and bad experiences. I had fun times, I had bad ones. I had drunk nights and sober ones. I saw waterfalls, caves, beaches and a lot of temples. I met great people and found new friends. I came back with tons of new stories and I will never forget this amazing trip! 

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