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Life in Pai. It's hard to describe Pai for people who have never been there. The atmosphere, the people, the vibe. Pai is a little village not far from the boarder to Myanmar. During the last years it became one of the biggest Backpacker-Hippie Hotspots in Thailand. You cannot miss out Pai, when travelling the north. 
Silke and I reached Pai after an adventurous 278 serpentines Road. Pai has its own chill-out-vibe. We arrived during the nightmarket, got some food and walked to our hostel, that was located a bit far out of the village. Still just a 20 minutes walk. 
Our hostel was in the middle of some ricefields, with a stunning view. 
We slept in doorms with bamboo beds. A total back to the roots feeling. A bit wild.

We heard only good things about that hostel, but unfortunately we got a bit disapointed.  Everyone hyped the hostel so much, but we missed the atmosphere, the people, the community.
We arrived during the evening and there was basicly no one at the hostel. 
During breakfast the next day we met some canadian girls Sarah and Tess and made plans for the day. They told us that most of the people hang out in different bars or at the circus hostel during the evenings. 
We rented some Scooters and drove up to the canyon. 
What an amazing view. It was super hot and exhausting, but we had an awesome time. We accidentlly got lost, because we followed the wrong way. It took us an hour to find the right way again. After the canyon we went to see dome waterfalls and the landsplit. Before returning to the hostel we went to the Buddha statue on top of a mountain to see the sunset. After that day we were super tired. We played some flipcup in the common area and went to a bar called "dont cry". (And i fell asleep, because i was way to tired).  The second day we went to the Landsplit  again to take a swim at the lake. I got a nice sunburn (that will definitely turn into a nice tan).  The landsplit is a great place. Its based on donations. They make everything on their own. They grow fruits and vegetables and when you visit you get free organic snacks. People there are super relaxed and sometimes you can live in on of the bungalows if you help out.   After the landsplit we drove to a hotspring. We made some facemasks out of mud. We looked like we just escaped out of the Jungle.

On the third day Tess, Silke and I went to a Thaiboxing school and got a two hours lesson. You cannot compare it to western gyms. It was basicly a boxring in the middle of the Jungle. We had a lot if dun even if it was extremly hard. 

I spend the last night at the Circus hostel.  Silke left for Kho Tao and the other ones back home. So it was just Felicia and I. Felicia stayed at the Spicypai hostel as well and came over to circus to chill at the pool. 
Circus reminds you of a little Hippie Village. During the day you can get circus lessons, di yoga or chill at the pool. During the evenings there were events like quizes, open mics and shows. 

It was at the pool were I met Max. At that moment I did not know yet that we would  travel to Laos together.  
Anyways, we decided to get some dinner together at a little Thaifood place around the corner. 
Afterwards we sat together with Felicia and a lot of other people and watched people playing guitar and singing. There was even a Fireshow. That evening we found out that we both had booked the same 3 days trip from Pai to Luang Prabang.  It felt a bit weird to leave Pai. Even after only five days it started feeling like home.We knew where to get the best food. Where to chill during the evenings...  But it was time to leave our lovely Pai. And so I found myself sitting next to Max in a Minivan, listening to his 60s music on his Phone and watching the landscape passing bye.

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