Chiang Mai - Thailand [Traveldiary]

I'm writing this post on my way to Pai. We're sitting in the first row of the minibus, listening to music, eating chips and talking. 
We, that is Silke, Maddie and me. 
But lets start from the beginning. 

I arrived in Chiang Mai early morning at six thirty, no one was awake at the hostel and there was no one at the reception. It was freezing cold and I just wanted to go and lie in bed. I put my stuff down and went for a little nap on the couch. At around eight some people came down to the common room. The hostel is located in a House a bit outside of Chiang Mai, has a garden and a nice total social atmosphere. 

After getting up from the couch I joined the people at the table. Soon after my arrival Silke walked in. She arrived from Bangkok as well. 
We quickly decided to go to the citycenter before checkin in. Still extremly tired but excited we went for sightseeing. Just walked around the old city, looking and old tempels and enjoying the beautiful day. As soon as the sun came out the temperature rised and it was not so  cold anymore. 
Silke is from Austria and also travelling alone. So we had something in common. Talked about how everything worked out well and why we are travelling alone. 
We came back after having some lunch and I went straight to bed for a nap. At the evening we met some people from the hostel, drunk beer, talked, socialised and then went to ZOEs. ZOEs is a bar in Chiang Mai where you can drink and dance. Its in the "partydistrict". In chiang Mai everything closes up at midnight. Well thats quiet new to me. 
So we all got into one of those red shared cabs and went out. Some of the guys set on top of the car. This was really crazy. 
We all ended up in a Reggea Bar where a Thai Band was performing reggea remixes of popular songs. 
I went to bed around one. 

The next day Silke, I and some people rented some scooters to go to a Canyon cliffdiving. Well driving a scooter in Asia is really, really exciting. Actually its kind if crazy. I cant unterstand how people sometimes dont even have helmets. Well anyways we drove to the canyon. For scooters, eight people, all trying to get through Chiang Mais Traffic. 
The canyon was great. People jumping from cliffs, others drinking beer or relaxing in the water. I did not jump. Way to scared. I tried myself at the 2 meter cliff... That was definitly enough. 
Before leaving we got some lunch up in the canyon restaurant. 

Six of us decided to keep on driving so we went into the more wild area of Chiang Mai and drove up some serpentines to a waterfall. We walked the rest of the way and one of the guys decided to go higher as it even seem to be possible. Anyways the all broke a bunch if rules. "Appropriated clothes" or "no alcohol"... After hiking a little bit we went up with the bikes to a temple. Walking approximately 250 steps we arrived at the temple. 

We were back at the hostel around eight and this night no one went out. Everyone was to tired. 
The next morning we had booked a Hike and Bike tour. Maddie from Holland was going to join us. So at 8:30 we were ready for take off. They picked us up and we drove to Chiang Mais Jungle. Beginning with a  hike. The Guide told us a lot about what plant and tree from which fruit is. We hiked around 10km in the jungle before having lunch at a wonderfull waterfall. 

We took a bunch of different pictures and enjoyed the nice nature. 
The bike thing afterwards was really amazing. We got some Mountainbikes and drove down the hill. Between wild plants and an amazing nature. Ricefields and little villages. 
30 kilometers of up and down. I think we all got a pretty nice tan. 
We had a really amazing time. The trekking and biking waa really amazing. Exhausting but good. 
Today, before we left for Pai we went to the Elephant Sanctuary. We needed to get um at 6 am after a night partying in Chiang Mai. 

We sat in the back of truck, freezing our asses of, trying to get to the jungle. We sang the Indiana Jones Theme song and had quiet a good time. Before arriving at the Elephants we needed to hike a little bit and cross a wodden bridge over the river. Finally we arrived at the Elephant place. We needed to get into special clothes before we could start. First we all were a little bit scared but soon Silke, Maddie and I got used to it and touched them. We gabe them food and took pictures. Funniest thing was, when I started feeding one of them Bananas and I decided to eat one myself. The Elephant looked at me, my Banana and then tried to reach it. Kind of funny, because he tried stealing it from me. The animals are amazing. I have never touched one or seen one so near.

After feeding them we went down to the river with them.
It looked so awesome when they walked through the Ricefield. Really amazing. We went to the water and the Elephants went bathing with us. That was awesome. 

Chiang Mai is really great for some outdoor activities and a chill, relaxing vibe. 

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