Bangkok - Thailand [Traveldiary]

Where should I start. Bankok is intense. Bangkok is extreme. Either you hate it or you love it.
I haven't decided yet which side I'd choose.
I arrived two days ago after a long flight from Frankfurt over Amman to Bangkok. I felt the Asian way of life already at the airport. Advertisement for chinese new years, Asian Hotels, Asian lifestyle. 
After entering the country I took a Taxi and did already the first mistake you could do. Instead of turning on the Taximeter I bargained a price (I found out how to do it right, after a trip to Chinatown with some guys from the hostel).
The ride to the hostel was really crazy. I was sitting there, face glued to the window, watching crazy people on motorbikes or  Tourists in Tuktuks. Taxi drivers honking and people crossing the streets as they are willed to die. 
After arriving at the hostel near Khao San road I checked in my room and lie down for a bit. What an exhausting trip so far. Then I went to Khao San road to explore a bit Bangkok, or at least the Tourist Area of Bangkok. I walked around and could not take all those impressions at all. Wow, crazy life out there. I did not know where to look, what to do, how to react. 
After coming back to the Hostel I found some people to go out with for dinner. We sat down in a 'Restaurant' and got some typical Thai food. I quickly found out that its nearly impossible to survive as a Vegetarian here. Everything is with Chicken or Seafood. But I am in a new country. I think if you do not try traditional food, you're just exploring half the culture. I decided to at least try some seafood. Life on the Road is different than the one back home. (I am still sure that I will loose weight because I barely eat anything here but rice and prawn ...). We spend the evening on Khao san road, dancing on the street and celebrating life. 

Yesterday the group from last night and I went to Chinatown. We took a tourist boat down the river and walked then from Peer 7 to Chinatown. We decided to take a bus, because the walk was very long and we were all very hungry. But driving bus in Chinatown is not the smartest idea. It felt like we would have been faster by foot. 
Finally we arrived in the area and new years celebration was in full action. We walked around the streets, got some food and experienced a bit of China in Thailand. 
We came back in the evening and went to another Restaurant for dinner. By coincidence I met a french guy from the Sziget festival. He stopped me, looked at my wristband and asked if I am Marina. Well what a small world do we live in? Crazy... So he joined us for dinner. Still not believing that we really met here in Bangkok. 
After coming back to the Hostel I met Juliana and Meg. We soon became the 'Wolfpack' from Hungover and some Irish guy got me some 'Wolfpack' wristbands from some Thai sellors on the streets. We celebrated a good night in Bangkok and I went back to bed around three in the morning. Holy moly... Bangkok. 

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