12 hours to go


A year ago my best friend gave me some patches for my backpack. The deal is, as soon as I iron them on my backpack I have 2 years time to get there and explore the countries. 
Thats how I ended up booking my Asia trip, starting in 10 hours. 

It's 4 in the morning, I am awake, can't sleep anymore. I am not nervous yet. But a bit scared. I see images of Bangkok, of the huge, intense city. I see myself lost in some packed streets. No idea where I am and what on earth I want here. 
Shit, its going to Bangkok in less then 10 hours. Alone. 
The only solotrip I have done in Life was a weekendtrip to Czeck republic... Well okay and maybe my exchange year in the US. Still Bangkok is a whole new level.
What on earth was I thinking while booking. What if I end up solo, alone and bored somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Okay, no I dont believe that will happen. Its a backpackers paradise. To end up not making travelbuddies, you must be really weird I guess. 
Thousends of thoughts. I'd love to sleep some more hours, but I cant. 
Bangkok... Sounds so exotic, extreme... 
I am sure that it will be amazing, breathtaking. But I am a "travelette".
 I go solo and I will have an awesome time, full of new memories, friends and experience. 

I am going to try to get some more sleep. Will write soon.

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