New Years 2016 - the Story

It is my second day back home after our trip. I am mentally not ready to be back home. I still cannot believe how fast the last ten days went by. 
I need to say, that I do not really know where to start? Last time I wrote a post was on my way to the airport. The last days were absolutely amazing. We have done and seen so many great things. 
Do you know that moment, when you come back home and you realize you cannot really describe in words what actually happened? When you are just not ready to be back. Ready to realize that this trip is over? I often have problems after coming back. It does not matter for how long I have been gone, the only thing that matters is, what I've done with that short time I had. 

On my flight to Warsaw I met a german guy from Munich. He told me he wanted to go to Romania and hike around, see the nature and stay in a hostel. He was on his own and we talked about nearly everything while drinking coffee and waiting for the connection flight.
Once I arrived in Riga I met Lucia at the Hostel. She was already there, because she accidentally booked her flight a day to early. It was so great to see my absolutely best friend again. My better half, my travel buddy. 
What we usually do when we arrive somewhere, we search for a supermarket to get some food for our stay. 
In Riga, well lets say in the northern countries, the sun goes down very early. So at around four we already felt like its time for some wine. So we bought some rose, went to the common room and opened the bottle. That evening we met a lot of fellow travelers sitting in the common room and spending time together. I had an incredible long day and I need to say that I did not go late to bed. 
The next day Lucia showed me around the city. We walked the tour she did the day before. We walked around the market halls, the russian quarter (that you should definitely not visit during the night) and walked back to the old town. It was incredible cold and I need to say that I was happy to be back at the hostel, with a warm tee and some wine, ready to be opened. 
We spend the evening with the hostel at a popular Latvian Restaurant. We had a big table with a lot of our people. We ordered food, talked about everything and drunk wine and beer. 
There we met David and Vince, an australian and an english guy.
Gauja National Park
After dinner we all went for the Rockcafe. A great place for party. We did some karaoke and later danced on the top floor. I thing I was back home around four in the morning. Lucia and I had plans for the next day, but we were so tired that we slept in and left for the national park later then planned. 
David and Vince joined us and after we missed our first bus we finally arrived early afternoon at the National park. (We totally forgot the the sun would go down earlier then in southern Europe, so we only had about two and a half hours). 
It was still an amazing trip. It was cold and we freezed our butts of, but it was worth a visit. We walked around the nature, took some fun photos and ran back to the Bus, because we forgot about the time. 
It was the last day of 2015. 

As soon as we came back Lucia and I started our New years preparation. What on earth should we wear? We  changed our dresses several times and sang to some fun songs in the hostel room. Finally, wearing our best outfit we went downstairs for the common room. A lot of people where already there, drinking and eating. The hostel had some food for us and some shots ready for the evening. We met a lot of new travelers and talked to our roommates. For the fireworks we left the hostel and went to the river. It was again extremely cold and it had been snowing the last days. 
We spend the rest of the night at the Rockcafe.
New years at the Gauja River
The first day of 2016 Lucia and I spend in our hostel beds. We were totally exhausted from the last days. That as well is a nice thing about our travel friendship. We are not people that do 24/7 action. We sometimes enjoy just laying together in bed, talking about bullshit and dreaming about future trips. I am not having a bad feeling for relaxing and chilling instead of being out there and exploring more of Riga. We just do whatever we feel like. 

We left for Tallinn on Saturday. The bus ride was amazing. So much nature around us. Even if it took us four hours it was a nice trip. Arriving in Tallinn I knew from the beginning that I would definitely love that city. Even more than Riga. Tallinn is a nice, beautiful and cozy city. It had been snowing over here as well so it was kind of a winter wonderland. 
The hostel that we stayed in was a popular Party Hostel. There were a lot of people around and in the common room with the billiard and beerpong table you could be sure to have a great time. 
We met a german guy namesd Tobi there and we left with him and one of his friends to a Supermarked to buy some food. So we spend our evening all cooking together and eating later. 
The rest of the evening we played beerpong and left later on for the pub-crawl to the city. 
We have been to three different places and ended up in one of Tallinns clubs. 
New years morning with David
On the following day we wanted to do the walking tour but I did not fell very well. No not because of the booze, sure thing. 
So Lucia went on her own and I met her later at Tallinns most popular pancake house. 
The rest of the day we walked around the city. In the evening we partied with some dudes from the hostel. We played billiards and beerpong. 
That night we could not sleep well, because we had some drunk snoring old guys in our room. Well happens. Thats backpacker life. 

On Monday we left very early for Helsinki. We had booked a cruise to Finland. When we arrived at the habour we had the most stunning view ever. It was freezing cold and the wind was very hard. We first wanted to walk to the city center, but in the end we took a bus, because it was so cold. We walked around the city and went for Suomelinna, a Unesco Island 15 minutes from Helsinki. We got lost in the white winter wonderland on the Islands and enjoyed calmness. 
Sometime we went back to the tourist meeting point, because they had some heater where we could put our feet to warm them up. 
Before leaving Helsinki in the evening we went for an expensive coffee and talked about this and that. 
Take of your shoes at Tallinns Monks Bunk
The cruise back home was pretty nice. They even had entertainment and we met some people from Germany, that actually went to the same college I am going to. 
The world is so small sometimes. 
We arrived back in Tallinn very late and decided to go to bed early that night. 

The next day was very long. We had a long bus ride back to Riga. Then we took a flight to Warsaw, where we met a friend of us, that we knew from Budapest, after the long layover we took the last plane to Germany and I got a bus to my city. A lot of stress for the last day. Especially because we were definitely to dumb to use the public transportation in Warsaw and nearly missed our flight. Wo… what a day! What a trip. It was great fun. We met a lot of people and saw a lot of great stuff. Nature, cities… Kind of everything you need for a short trip!

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