Hostelreview: Naughty Squirrel Party Hostel Riga

After spending new Years 2015 in the Retox Party Hostel we decided to try out another eastern european Party Hostel for new years 2016. After reading a lot of reviews and articles we decided to try out the Naughty Squirrel Hostel in Riga. 

The hostel has three levels, one for the kitchen, the reception and the common rooms and the two levels above for rooms. The naughty squirrel hostel is neither a big nor a small hostel. It is perfect to know most of the people and to hang out without getting lost (or bored by the people). 

The Staff is young and super friendly. Always trying to help us with the organisation of trips. They gave us good ideas about where to go and what to do and organised an amazing dinner for new years. Every evening there were some free shots. Even if we all were loud or annoying they stayed cool. You definitly need good nerves if you work in a party hostel. So thumbs up!

I dont think we need to talk about the social aspect here. A lot of fun people from all over the world. (Need to say that there where a lot of germans as well... I m not such a fan of german (male) travelers in Riga, because most of them are young high schoolers who just want to get drunk and laid haha.)
During the afternoon and morning it is very quiet in the hostel. You barely see anyone. People are out in the city or doing daytrips, organised activities or just sleep. So when we were sitting at five with some wine we were often the only ones. People come to the common areas around seven, so be sure to find some nice people to hang around with during the afternoon. 
You can find solotravelers but as well big groups of people. So its a hostel for every one. 
Apparently there is almost all the time a 80/20 proportion of male and female travelers. Maybe it is the name of the hostel..

The hostel has everything you need. A kitchen, a common room with enough place to hang out. You can as well sit in the kitchen at the long table and play some card or drinking games. There is a little bar where you can get some bear and other alcohol. 
Everything is connected, so you never fell like being seperated from another group of people

You always feel safe at the hostel. You can look your stuff under your bad. And you have definitly kind of a privacy because of the curtains at your bed. You can charge your phone near your bed aswell. So no need to leave your phone on the phone. 
The hostel as well is in a safe area and you only get in with your keycard. So no worries. 

Cleanness The only little shortcoming is that there are no windows in the bathrooms. The bathrooms are small and often when you want to get a shower the floor is wet. There is not really a place to put or hang your stuff and some showers where flooded, because the water did not drain. But this is nothing unnormal for a backpackers hostel. Just take some flip flops and try to get one of the better showers and everything should be fine. 

You could not get a better Location. The hostel is within two minutes of a shopping mall including a supermarket. Most of the main sights are not far away. You can walk to every pub or bar easily. You feel safe on the streets. Riga is anyways not a huge metropolitan city. It is small and sweet and you feel directly like home. After some days you barely get lost. 

The hostel has a lot of activities to offer. From Bobsleighing to AKShooting, over to group dinners or pubcrawls. Everything you need to have some fun time and to meet great people.

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