Hostelreview: Monks Bunk Tallinn

The Hostel & Staff

First thing that you learn when entering the hostel is that you need to take off your shoes! So be sure to have some warm socks, because you can get really cold feet there. 
So after putting your shoes to a bunch of other ones in the shelf you enter to the reception, that is the hostelbar. The bar is in the huge common area. Some people will be sitting on the couch during the afternoon watching movies, other will play billiard, others cook something. 
There are two floors. You will get better sleep on the floor under the one with the common area. It can be very noisy sometimes. 
The staff people are backpackers from all over the world. Some just for some weeks, other stay there longer. All "live-in" backpackers, as they call themself. The cool thing is, that if they dont work they always join the people for games in the evening. On our first day we had dinner with one of them and went to the supermarket. So its more like they live there, party and work sometimes. 


Monks Bunk Hostel is a five minute walk from the oldtown. 
From the Busstation (with busses coming from Riga or Sankt Petersburg for example) you can take the Tram number 4 at Autobussijam and get out at  Vabaduse väljak. From there its just some meters to the Hostel. The hostel is not far from a Shoppingcenter that includes a Supermarket as well. 
You can easily walk to the old and newtown. Also thereis a  bus is driving from the street of the hostel directly to the Habour. 
The location is really safe. We never felt unsafe on there.


Like in Riga most of the backpackers here are male. I dont know why female backpackers seem to avoid those countries... 
Normaly during the day hostels are quiet dead... but in the Monks Bunk you always found some people somewhere to hang with. After arriving we met a German guy from Cologne. Lucia, I, Tobi and his friend- who worked in the hostel- went to the supermarket to cook something alltogether. 
Later we bought some Pubcrawl tickets and before leaving, a lot of people were in the common room for Billiard or Beerpong. So there were always people to hang out with. 


A huge kitchen with everything you need. Amazing showers!! Never had so great showers in a Hostel as I had in the Monks Bunk! Billiard, Beerpong tables. TV, Wifi, washing Mashine. I think there is kind of everything you need in the hostel. Nothing I really missed. 


Cannot complain. Bathrooms were always clean. Rooms aswell. Nothing to say more about that point. Anyways I always think, that if I wanted a hundret percent clean place I should not do hostelling.


I think Tallinn is a quiet safe place to be. During the day the doors are open, but at night you need to ring.
There are safes in the room to put your stuff in.
What I would have liked, would have been a place to put your backpack and your stuff. My stuff was always somewhere on the floor. But I put the important things in the safe.


Every night there was another activity. From Karaoke to Pubcrawls over to Beerpong nights.
Also you could book a Nationalpark tour or the prison tour. But you get all that kind of informations at the reception. You cannot really get bored.

What the Website advertise for 

  • A top located hostel
  • Party atmosphere
  • Crazy pub crawl's with power hour
  • Free surprise shot upon arrival
  • Beer pong
  • Large range of Tours and Activities
  • Awesome live-in backpackers staff
  • A pint of beer for only €1.20 during our double happy hour
  • Pool and Air Hockey tables
  • Top notch facilities
  • Easy access by bus, ferry, plane and train
  • Special group deals

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