Skiiweekend Part II - About Maxi and our Friendship

This Post will be about Maxi and I, about how we met, how we lived in the us and how we try our best for this friendship to survive those hundret miles between us. 
By the way, this photo, was taken yesterday, as you can see, we havent had so much snow in years... Pretty sad, but still a great time in the mountains. 
Right now we are sitting in the living room of the apartment, drinking wine and sending snapchats to some friends. 

So Maxis and my friendship started in August 2013 with a facebook message. She was another Aupair, starting her adventure in the states. Her flight date was the same as mine and so she wrote me to ask if I was the Marina, that should fly with her to San Francisco. 
Soon we found out that we had a lot in common and that we had the same idiot humor. As soon as we met in New York for the orientation week we were literaly inseparable. We met Sonja, Loic and Basti, three other Aupairs, and had an amazing time together in New York. 
Unfortunately Basti left for Chicago and it was just us three girls leaving for San Francisco. 
The next months were the greatest I have ever experienced. We did so many roadtrips, surfweekends and other crazy stuff, that I will never forget. San Francisco with Maxi and Sonja was the best thing that ever happend to me. 
Unfortunately Sonja moved to another family and left for New York. So it was just Maxi and I that were left over in San Francisco. We met a bunch of new People and did fun things together. 
The last week before I left for Germany was hard. But I came back to visit Basti in Chicago for the 4th of July. During that time, Maxi and her Family were in Dixon, an hour from Chicago. So we picked her up and spend two days  together in Illinois. 
Maxi stayed another year in the states and we saw us again a year later for the 4th of July 2014 at her hometown. Basti and Sonja came as well and we had a fun reunion weekend. It was like we never were seperated. Nothing changed, we all have our own lives now, but we will always be part of each others. 

So this Skiweekend was as well kind of a reunion. With fun stories to tell, and great new ones to experience. 

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