Skiweekend in Austria - Day 1

Day 1 - Saturday

05.01 Its 5 am. I start thinking about Cheryl Strayed, the women who walked a bunch of thousand miles between south California and Portland with a giant Backpack. I feel ridicolous. I walked maybe one and a half mile from my house to the Trainstation and I am already exhausted as fuck. Its hot. I mean its probably about zero degrees outsite and still I am sweating as hell. I regret the idea to wear two jackets. But I keep smiling.
„Fuck it, I am going backpacking!“, was the last sentence I said before leaving the college classroom.
My train to Munich was leaving at 5.30am. I still had half an hour. Like a giant turtle I entered the station. People looking at me, as if I would be totally insane. Attached to my backpack a smaller Backpack. I feel like I am carrying my double weight.
Arriving at the plattform I got out of my Backpack and started breathing regulary again. First I took of all the jackets. Standing there, just wearing a wet shirt was the best feeling ever. Until I started freezing. Tomorrow I will be sick, thats for sure...
As soon as I got in the train I could relax for a bit. My Backpack located directly infront of me. Half an hour until I would arrive at the Munich trainstation, where my best friend Maxi and her family would wait for me.
I felt incredible happy thinking about the next weeks, About the holliday start off with a nice Snowboard weekend in a cabin. About the christmas days with my own family and about the flight to Lithuania. I smiled. The minutes passed fast. I tried enjoying the last calm minutes on my own. The silence. The music in my ears.
Last station before the Munich main station. Countdown to an amazing vacation.


15.29 There is basicly no snow. Okay on top of the mountains its covered in white but thats all. It feels more like Austria in summer. But unforutunately the last winters, it only started to snow in january. 
We sat together in the kitchen, Maxi, I and the whole family. We are eleven people and at least half of them is drinking. (Its not even noon). Thats what I call a Cabin weekend. I felt totally tired. Not sleeping the whole last night. I decided to get some sleep after lunch. The view out of the window was amazing. 

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