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Its the 28th of November. The night before my sweet 21st Birthday. I was sitting in the train with my best friends towards Frankfurt. We planned a Partynight in Germanys Skyline City. We had absolutly no idea where to go and what to do. In the end we decided to try out the Gibson Club. One of Frankfurts most popular clubs. We originally planned to go to "Tanzhaus West", because of a special event but the price was about 18 euros and we prefered going out fancy. 
In Augsburg, the city we live in, you never really go out fancy. You wear Sneakers and dance hard to electro or House music in an underground club. 
So this night, my birthdaynight, I wanted to be fancy and meet fancy people and party fancy. 
We arrived at the Trainstation and picked up Lucia. After leaving the Station we saw an Irish Pub located directly infront of us. Without long discussions we went over to the pub and started the night. We drunk a Pitcher of cider, talked about every kind of stuff and nearly sang "I kissed a Girl" on Karaoke. 
Its nearly midnight when we left the pub. Those were the last minutes until I got 21.
We were half way to the Gibson Club when it was finally midnight, so we stopped and I got sweet Birthday hugs from my best friends. It was so amazing that they spend this awesome night with me here in Frankfurt. 
As soon as we arrived at the Club, we were already totally in fancy-party-mood. With its 12 euros price for the entrance its quite expensive, but after partying in London, everything seemed to be cheap.
The people in the club were dressed nice. Girls with dresses and high heels, guys in jackets and fancy shoes. I missed that kind of partying. With nice looking people. I still have problems getting used to party in sneakers and jeans. 
They played loud housemusic and the club filled with people not long after we arrived. 
The bass was loud and people were dancing and enjoying the night.
I think we danced until four in the morning with good music and nice people. It was a great amazing night and I knew that I would definitly come back for a great partynight. 

1. Tanzhaus West 

Gallus, Gutleutstr. 294, Tel. 069/5974949, Fr & Sa from 23 pm,
MusicMinimal-, Techno-, Techhouse, Drum’n Bass
Club:  former Fabric with urban Underground Charme
People: young, alternative
Desscode: Casual, Hipster
Djs: Regional and International
Price: 10-20 Euros

2. Velvet Club

Downtown, Weißfrauenstr. 12-16, Tel. 069/257809510, WE 22-4, Th 18-1, Fr & Sa 22-5 ,
Music House, Hip Hop, RnB and Black-Beats
Club:  three Floors
People: young
Desscode: a bit fancier, 
Djs: Regional and International

3. Gibson Club (most Popular Club)

Downtown, Zeil 85-93, Tel. 069/94947770, Mo-We(Concerts), Th from 21, Fr & Sa from 22 (Party),
Music House
Club:  former Cinema, VIP Lounges, Dancefloor
           "Worlds finest clubs"
People: 20 and up
Desscode: fancy 
Djs: Regional and International

4. Zoom 

Downtown, Brönnerstr. 5-9, Concerts from 21pm , Party Fr & Sa from 23 pm,
Music Hip Hop, Indie, Rock, 
              Saturday "Hit Happens" (all Genres)
People: 20 and up
Desscode: casual

5. Travolta Club

Innenstadt, Brönnerstr. 17, Tel. 069/21657900, Th-Sa from 23 Uhr,
Music Hip Hop, RnB, House, Funk & Soul
Club:  "worlds findest club"
People: midtwenties
Desscode: fancy 

6. Silbergold 

Downtown, Heilgkreuzgasse 22, Tel. 069/20325558, Th from 23, Fr & Sa from 0,,
Music Electro,
Club:  sometimes  Indienights and Gay-Partys
People: young and hip
Desscode: casual

7. Apt Apartment

Ostend, Hanauer Landstr. 190, Tel. 069/175544130, Fr & Sa/Hollidays from 22 pm,
Music House, Hip Hop, RnB
Club:  new Motto every three years. Terrasse in the summer. 
People: midtwenties 
Desscode: "streetwear meats glamorous"

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