Having two lifes and how to combine them.

This semester I realized for the first time, what it means to be a  fulltime Student and a traveler at heart. I feel like I have two lifes. My life here in Germany, as a student, as a programmer and designer and my life out there in our amazing world as a backpacker, an explorer or adventure seeker.
I study Interaction Design right now. Its my third semester and I have so much to do, that I have barely time for anything else.
Interaction Design (or multimedia design) is half programming, animation and webdevelopement and half graphic, digital Design. We do not only design apps or website we do code and animate them. We try to get our content interactive. Later you have a lot of workfields to enter. The gaming-scene, webdevelopement, apps, animation... The possibilities are huge.
The last month was extremly stressfull. We had one month for learning the language Javascript and programming a game with it. Besides learning Javascript we had a webdesign course in which we needed to create a webpage for an every-day Item. My teammate and I had four weeks to find a concept, take photos, find informations, start coding and uploading a fully working website.
The day after tomorrow is our deadline. The site is online but we are still working on details. Its stressfull, because you want your site to be absolutly perfect. The thing is, that its not possible to learn full CSS, HTML and Javascript in one month. You want to know everything, to use amazing effects and having an absolute perfect design, but its not possible. You get frustrated because you have these imaginations of you site in your head that you can not put into pratice. Somedays I wake up earliy, sit infront of my computer and spend hours with little details, because I want it to work and then you look at your watch and its evening.
And my evening either consist of sport or work.
Because there is one thing that normaly every student is. Students are "poor". We spend our money for drinking, partying, shopping or just groceries. Besides that you need to pay your flat. Most of the students are getting financial help from their families. I could never thank my parents enough for paying my appartment. But I was never the person living on other peoples money. I want to stand on my "own feet" (yep thats a German expression). I want to work for a living (... and for travelling).
When people ask me how I have so much money for travelling. Well first of all, I work for it and second I do not spend so much of it.
When I hear about people complaining about how broke they are at the end of every months and start with those sentences "Well I do not have parents that pay me everything" I get angry. Its one thing, if your family pays you rent and groceries and another thing if you parents give you  everything. I work for most of the money I get. I always worked. In Highschool it started with babysitting, after Highschool I worked as an Aupair, Even when I had three months between my Aupair Year and university I worked somewhere. I cant remember a time I did not had a job.
Right now I am working at an Irish Pub. And its by far the best job I ever had. I like gastronomy jobs. After a long day at uni, sometimes I enjoy working at the pub during the evening.
The thing is also, that if you want to travel besides university, you need to work. And I am not talking about one week of Mallorca a year. I talk about, spending free weekends or vacations in different cities of europe or spending your semester vacations on a different continent. The thought that keeps me alive during my classes and projects, is that soon I can spend new years in Riga with my best friend or that I ll spend six weeks backpacking in South east Asia. I just need it. When I do not travel for a while I feel like I do not have an aim. I always need something I can look forward to. I work so that I can travel. I study, so that I can work later, to travel and quit jobs whenever I feel free too.
Its hard to explain what is going on in my head. But I kind of feel like living a double life. Two identities. The career seeking women and the wild, free wanderlust student.

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