12 websites every traveler should know

When I do research for travelideas or future trips I often have thousand tabs open in my browser. I have several flight comparison sites open, to be sure to buy the cheapest flight. A dozen of Sites to find hostels and accomondation and at leat some pages full of Travelblogger sites. I dont know what I would do without all these sites. I spend hours of research sometimes and end up at articles I did not really planned to find. I could spend afternoons and whole weekends browsing around. Going from one site to the next, clicking that link or another... 

So here I share my favorite sites that I love to use.  


So there are a bunch of different sites to book your hostel. 
But sometimes  the usual sites just give you some typical "this is an amazing hostel blabla" reviews so I found a great blog where you can find Hostelreviews by other blogger:

TheHostelGirl  has a great site where you can choose the destination and then the city. So if you're still searching for a hostel, its nice to have a look on her site. 

Best sites for booking your stay are: www.hostelworld.com or www.hostels.com.

Cityguides & Informations

When it comes to websites or blogs I love those listed below the most. All sites have amazing cityguides and articles. I often spend hours reading those blogs before travelling somewhere to get the informations  I need.


So take a look and get inspired.

Organised Tours or Volunteering

www.gadventures.com is a nice site for organised travels. They have different kind of trips and adventures you can take. From different age groups to different interests.  For example, you can book Himalaya trekking Tours or just simple relaxing cruise tours. 
www.hands.org is a great non-profit Organisation. They have projects on their site. All of them are projects based on different chatastrophes that happend and where hands are needed. For example the earthquake in Nepal. 


There are two main sites I use for booking flights. Both of them are flight comparaion sites. They search the cheapest flight and show you the sites where you can book your trip. I need to say I prefer Skyscanner more, but I guess its about what you get used to. Its worth to always try out different sites. 

Travel Articles 

www.matadornetwork.com  is one of my favorite sites. I liked their Facebook page and always get interesting articles in my news feed.

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