News: I'm going to South East Asia.

I am sitting in front of my computer. My hands are shaking. I stare at the screen. An unsure grin on my lips. 
"Do it!", says Chris, my flatmate. 
"I dont know! I m not sure. Should I really book with Royal Jordania. Isnt Emirates safer?"
"Are you kidding! Book the flight now! You spend the afternoon looking for flights and now you have one!" 
"Okay okay!"
CLICK. Oh gosh. I really did it. I booked my flight. 
"I did it!", I cry out. No way. I really booked my flight to Bangkok. 
I got up and jumped around like a five year old. 
"I m going to South East Asia! I m going to see Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. I cant believe it. 
My parents are going to kill me. I laugh out. I m an adventurer now. I m going on a Solotrip to South East Asia. I cant believe it. 
I have been spending hours on the web to google about Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. About dos and donts. About hostels, sightseeing and transportation. I got informed about Visa and vaccinations. I feel like I know everything, without even beeing there. But I know, I dont know anything, until I set my first footstep on Bangkok streets. 
I wrote my first post in one of the facebook South East Asia groups. I got a bunch of messages and answers to my questions. Also a lot of "you will have an amazing time" posts. I am so excited. 
I first planned south america (Peru and Bolivia) unfortunately the rainseason will fall on those months, so I will do South America another time, during the summermonths. 

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