News II: New Years travelplans

The last two weeks I basically planned and booked  the rest of the year and the first half of the next year. 
So I visited Lucia in Mannheim this weekend before visitingt my folks.
Lucia and I already spend last new years together and we wanted to spend this new years together as well. Our first thought was Istanbul. But after research and following the news we decided to head to Istanbul, when the political situation calms down a little bit. 
So after Istanbul we had the idea of Rome or Portugal. But the Hostels where eather booked out or way to expensive. So we decided to go north to Estonia and Litunia. I have never been there. I need to say that it was never my top to see places. But it lookes so nice during winter. We found out that in Tallinn the sun rises at 9.30 and goes down at 15.30. So we basically just have 6 hours of daylight. And the temperature is around -10 degrees celcius. So this vacation up in the north will be more hardcore concerning weather conditions than Budapest. We are really excited for our trip. 
We'll be staying in the "naughty Squirrel" Hostel in Riga and in the "Monks Bunks". 
We re not sure yet what to expect but I hope that we will have an amazing time. I just cant wait to sit in the plane and head north to Riga. 
(By the way after booking so many flights and hostels I m so broke now. And after quitting my Job I need to find a new job! Haha Travelers first world problem).

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