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Krakow is a lovely city with old architecture, a lot of culture and a vibrant nightlife. 
The student city has a population of around 795 000 habitants and is besides Warschau one of the most popular destinations in Poland.
The city includes the popular  Old Town and the Jewish quarter and is seperated by the Wisla River.
Krakow as our first Citytrip in Poland is a great city with a vibrant, young atmosphere. I would have never thought that I'd become such a fan of this country and culture.
 (I remember me saying to my best friend after she asked if we want to go to Poland: What are you serious? Trust me no one will ever get me to visit Poland. But that was a long time ago and as we can see, I changed my mind and went to Krakow.)

How to get there 
The John Paul II International Airport is  located 15 min away.
You can also come by Busses (eurolines. polskibus , avoid orangeways!)
The train and bus station is called Krakow Glowny and is ten minutes away from the citycenter.

Basic informations
One of the most important laws, especially if youre a young backpacker who likes to party, dont drink on the road. Not even in front of the hostelentrance.

The temperature can get from minus 20 degrees in winter to normally 30 degrees in summer. (This summer was one of the hottest since the 20s with nearly 40 degrees)

The currency is Zloty. 1 Euro is 4.2 Zloty.

What to see & do
I could definitly recommend to just go to the city and walk around. The Old Town is surrounded by a Park and is a cozy mix of little streets, cafes and shops. 
You will automaticaly see the Main Market Square and old Churches. 
If you walk north to south you ll end up at the Wawel Royal Castle. Keep in mind that you need maybe 15 minutes to walk from the northest point of the citycenter to the southest(the castle). The castle is also known for its dragon. We first had no idea about what it was. But Krakow is the dragons city and if you walk around the castle you ll sure find out why. 
What else should you not miss about Krakow? I would say Krakows beach and the riversides. Krakow beach is a a place next to the river where you can chill and relax in summer. There is a beach bar and in front of it on an old boat a pool, that you can swimm in for five euros per hour. 

If you like to go further than Krakow you should not miss out Ausschwitz (25 euros) and the salt mines. There are tours organised from "krakow city tours" located north of the citycenter. 


The nightlife in Krakow is vibrant and fun. There are a lot of pubs, clubs and bars in the old town. You ll never have problems to find anything. Good thing about Krakow anyways is, that you never have to walk far. 
We  have started our night at Banialuka a nice student bar where you get beer for 1 euro. Nice try in Krakow is the beer with rapsberryflavor. Called ("Piwo z malina")
After that we went clubbing in the Coco Music club or in the Hush club. But you ll never have problems to find a nice place!

Where to stay
We stayed at Greg and Toms Party Hostel. This hostel is insane. I dont even remember the first night of the pubcrawl. Total blackout. Flatrate drinking, free breakfast and dinner. Drinking games, cozy beds and  so on (take a look at the review for more information).
If you prefer a social hostel but not like to Party like a college fraternaty you could stay at
flamingo hostel or Mamas Hostel.

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