Sleepless nights on the road

Sleepless nights on the road 
As if I would be hypnotised I stare out of the window and follow the white line thats passing by fast. 
My eyes are hurting. I cant feel my legs anymore. My mouth  is dry. 
Its quiet. My friend Marina is moving from one side of her seat to the other.
Above of us:  the bright light that another passenger would not turn of, because he feels like reading  his bloody book in the middle of the night.
Im listening to my music, trying to focus on the text and on blending out my sourrounding.
"While I ve been sitting waiting wishing you d believe in superstition then you believed in signs..."
10 hours left over, I think after looking at the time. Since seven hours we were on our way to Krakow. 
Who the heck had that amazing idea of taking a f* bus to Poland. Oh yeah the budget-backpackers in us. I laugh. More sarcastic than for real. 
Krakau would be our first destination. After that we would go for Budapest and the Sziget Festival and then Italy. 
What a summer. 17 days of Backpacking. I just loved the backpacking life. Doesnt matter if  we re taking a 17 hours ride to Krakau. 0 Luxus but 100 percent Adventure. 
F* I want to sleep. Just sleep, at least for five little minutes. My left foot starts to feel dumb. I swear after hitting my left knee at the front seat.
You re a traveler an adventureur I think and try to calm myself.
You want to travel the world, so dont be such a girl concencing a busride to Poland.
"We re the children of the wild"
Is the last thing I can hear before my head falls to my left and I fell asleep. 

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  1. Sounds exciting! The train ride seems like but a break from driving.