Hostelreview: Sir Tobys Prague

First of all, I need to say that I was positive impressed by Sir Tobys- Prag. While booking the Hostel, I would have never guessed, that I would have such an awesome time. 

Staff Always motivated and nice. During my check-in I got a citymaps,some tips and ideas about what to do and see and insider information. They were always helpfull. They even made it possible for me to extend my stay, even if the hostel was nearly booked out. Thanks to them, I could stay longer! 

Social Prag was my first solotravelling desination. So before arriving to Sir Tobys I had mixed feelings concerning me socialising with people. Not that I am shy or having problems meeting people, but I know from other travels, that there are some hostels, where socialising and meeting people can be more dificult than in others. My best friend and I found it harder to find friends in bigger, hotellike Hostels, than in familiar smaller ones. So after arriving in Sir Tobys, with its great atmosphere, the social activities and a comfy bar downstairs I was extremly excited about my hostelchoice.

The hostel has everything that a backpacker could wish for. In my opinion a hostel should have a kitchen and common room. Not every traveler is willed to pay everyday for food in restaurants or cafes. Also kitchens are good to socialise. A bar is a great plus. You can chill downstairs, drink a beer together and make a bunch of friends.
Sir Tobys even has a garden with chairs and tables outside. Perfekt to sit together and spend some fun nights. 

I have never felt unsafe. You have lookers under your bed or a common locker room downstairs in the bar. Just be sure, to have a lock. If you dont, you can buy it for 2 euros at the reception. The reception is open all day and night long and to get into the hostel you need to know the passcode. Even in the rooms, I never felt unsafe to leave my stuff on my bed. As long as your money and phone is not totally visible placed on your covers you should be good! 

The covers and beds where always clean.  The rooms, the kitchen and the rest of the hostel, was never dirty and I never felt ungood at any place. Only minus were the bathrooms. They are small and after so many people showering everyday there its extremly hot and humid. You should take some flipflops when going to the bathrooms. But all in all, you cant really say anything else about it. They re definitly trying their best. 

Location Unfortunately the Hostel was not located in the citycenter, So you needed to take the Tram or Metro. I also felt it complicated to find the hostel at first. If you dont know the way, you need to search and look up different Tram lines to arrive there. But all in all, you never needed more than 15 minutes to arrive in the city. The neighborhood was safe as well. At the corner are some grocery stores, banks and foodstores! 

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