Hostelreview: Greg and Toms Party Hostel Krakow

We chose Greg and Toms Party Hostel because it was rated on many "Top Party Hostels" lists on different websites. After having such a fun stay over new years in the Retox Party Hostel, we thought about trying another one in a different city. It always depends what you're searching for. Of course I guess most of the good rated hostels in big city have a great nightlife as well, but the so called Party Hostels might  have an extremer one. 

Staff The staff is young and well organised. They welcomed us in the Hostel with Wodkashots and Tipps and Ideas about what to do in the city. During our stay, there was always someone at the reception who could help us with things. They organised tours for us and tried really hard to get us motivated for the city and of course for the nightlife. 
The animated us for the drinking games down in the bar and for the pubcrawl afterwards. The hostel really earned the name "Party Hostel" because they tried hard to get us drunk while playing all kind of drinking games. With the Pubcrawl wristband there was a kind of flatrate drinking and so the whole Hostel was down in the basement playing "Wodkapong" or other games. They got us entertained 7 days a week. 

Social The word Party Hostel should say it all. Yes the social life was amazing at the hostel. During  the day, as it is normal for Partyhostels, most of the people where sleeping or somewhere in the city and the hostel was quit empty, but during the evening it got way more social. 
Still you always found some people somewhere to hang out with. During the evening everyone was open and willed to talk and have fun. The drinking games made it impossible to stay alone. There were so many people down in the basement, even from other hostels, that you always had some people to do fun things with. 

Facilities What can I say. The most important thing: The kitchen and the common room. We had one and thats nearly everything that I need. But we barely needed the kitchen, because there was free breakfast and dinner everyday. Other Hostels would have taken money for that. But not Greg and Toms. It was nice to sit all together during the dinner and talk about what you did during the afternoon. For breakfast time you barely saw anyone, because most  of the guests have been sleeping till early afternoon. 

Safety There where safes in every room where you could put your money or phone inside. Under the beds was enough space to put the rest of your stuff. Still one day I left 15 euros on my bed and after coming back from a shower it was gone. I guess it was maybe my fault if I leave money openly on my bed. So the next days I took care to not leave my phone or something unattendend. But I guess that could have happend in every hostel. And not every hostel has a safe located in the room. So still nothing to say abouth the safety. Also in the hostel and outsite on the streets you never felt unsafe.

Cleanness The rooms got cleaned every day. More than once a day a staffmember took care of the bathrooms, Of course in a party hostel you cant always hope for a perfect cleaned bathroom. But one bathroom was under water twice during our stay and with 40 degrees celsius outsite and hot temperatures in the hostel it was extremly hot in the little bathrooms and you did not want to stay more time then needed in them. 

Location Not directly in the old town, but only 10 minutes walk away. You could get to every location very easily. We never walked far to reach different bars during the Pubcrawl. It was really close and you never felt unsafe to walk back home from the center to the hostel. 

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