From Krakows culture to Budapests greatest festival {A summary of our journey}

Those last two weeks are difficult to put into words. 
We experienced a mix of culture, history and nightlife in Krakow and freedom, pure adrenaline and happiness in Budapest- on the Island of Freedom, Sziget. 
We have been gone for only two weeks, but still it felt like an incredible long period of time. 
I m sitting here in my parents garden, enjoying the sun and some hours of calmness and trying to rethink abouth everything that happend. In the background the songs of a band that played at Sziget Festival.

Krakow - about the city, the nightlife and our stay in generel. 

Krakow. I would have never thought that this city is so great. I need to say, that I'd never thought that I would ever end up somewhere in Poland. When I told anyone that I am going on a trip to Poland they looked at me as if I would be totaly insane. "Why not Spain, or France, somewhere at the beach...", I got asked. Well, I ve been there. I ve seen that. I wanted to experience a place, where other people would never travel too. Of course Krakow is not the most beautiful city that I have ever seen. But still, Krakow was amazing. It is a small city, in comparision to other ones in Europe. The old town is beautiful, with all its little streets full of cafes and bars. Old churches and buildings are spread around the city. Krakow has even a castle located at the end of the old town. From up there you have a nice view over the river. Krakow has even a little beach where locals often hang out in the summer. We need to say, that we where there at a time, where Krakow experienced the hottest temperatures since the '20. The city was really calm and not so many tourist got lost there. 
During our days there, we slept at Greg and Toms Party Hostel. We got welcomed there with some Wodka Shots and had free Dinner and Breakfast everyday. The atmosphere during the day was more calm, but everyone came down to the basement to party during the nights. We often sat together in their "living room" playing drinking games and socialising. 
On one day we did the Ausschwitz tour. I learned in school basicly everything that you can know about the second World War. But I felt like I learned much more, just by visiting Ausschwitz. And Ausschwitz was not easy. Really, it felt like you re carrying a bunch of stones with you all the way around the concentration camp. We had booked a tour and for five hours we visited Ausschwitz I and Auschwitz II. We visited different buildings. Saw things, that I would have rather not seen. But I need to say, that it is extremly important to know what had happend and to get informed. There are still people that try to deny that it ever happend. That is totaly ridicolous after you ve seen it with your own eyes. Rooms full of old things from the prisoners. Photos of them or texts and letters of the nazis themself. It was not easy to see all of that. Still it happend a lot of time ago, and I tried to see all that from a certain distance. 
On our way back to Krakow most of the tourvisitors where still quiet and talked not so much. It was hard stuff. Hard and sad things too see. For me it was enough, I dont need to see that one more time. I know what happends I know how insane and awfull it was. I ve seen it now with my own eyes. 

In Krakow we spend two days at Krakows Beach. Sunbathing and swimming in a pool, located on a boat on the river. The hot temperatures made it hard to do alot of sightseeing. It was so hot, that we could only think about that pool at the river. After seeingt the castle, or some cathedrals in the city we just wanted to jump into the cold water. For five euros per hour it was expensive, even for westeuropean standards. But we did not care. We just wanted to go swimming. During the nights we did pubcrawls and went to bars and clubs. Another night we meet some Erasmus students from Krakow. We saw Krakow as tourists and as locals. We enjoyed the city and the nightlife. But after five days it was time to move on.
The Festival in Budapest was waiting for us. 

Sziget Festival Budapest - The Island of freedom

I ve seen Budapest with Lucia last new years eve. So our time in Budapest is focused on the festival itself. 
We arrived in Budapest late night and with some polish students we tried to find our way to the Island. The Sziget festival was located on one of the Islands on the Danube river. 
With our heavy backpacks, tents and sleepingbags we arrived at the entrance. It was still extremly hot, so we were really exhausted when we arrived. We sneak in some polish wodka and got received by our friends Vanessa and Bene. They already arrived earlier that day and set up the camp. 
We were so excited. The moment we finally entered the festival area we forgot about everything else. It was just sunday, so only some moving in visitors where around. All in all a number of 400 000 people have been expected.  This number is insane. This is as much as the population of my hometown. 
We set up our camp next to the ones of two french groups. It was four in the morning when we finally went to bed. But our sleep was reduced to barely three hours. The temperature at seven in the morning was already so high, the we started boiling in this tent. We moved our tent a bit so we could get some shades. On Monday most of the people arrived at the festival. Everyone fighted for a place in the shades. Even Bene and Vanessa moved their tent nearer to the one of the french guys to avoid all kind of sunrays burning down on them. 
The atmosphere was phenomenal from the first second on the festival. After buying some groceries at the store we started to explore the festival. The first act, the opening one, would be Robbie Williams. Normaly not my kind of music but at that time, I did not know, how amazing his show would be. He was definitly entertaining. 
The afternoon Vanessa and I ran around with our waterpistols refreshing some arriving people who where struggling with the hot weather. We even got into a waterpistol fight with some other french people. We met a lot of french people at the festival. 
At the evening we got ready for the opening show at seven and for Robbie Williams show. 
Lets say, we just switched shirts and filled up our water pistols. With those hot temperatures it was nearly impossible to look super damn good. Anyways its a festival, at the beginning you try to care about yourself, at the end you re all covered with mud and you dont give a shit about how long youve been wearing those pants. 
Robbie Williams show was awesome. We where stuck somewhere in the middle of the audience. Infront of us a bunch of tall guys that took us on their shoulders later on. (one good thing about beeing small. Everyone looks at you with this sad smile, cause you re not even able to see anything thats happening on the stage and they offer to take you up, so you can see something. 
It was so damn hot, I guess everyone was suffering. But who cared, it s a festival. 
The rest of the night we spend partying and going from one bar and club to the next one. We offered free hugs and jumped around like we were full of crazy adrenaline. 

The following days started always very early. We hang out with the french guys, ate breakfast that included bread with chocolate spread, splashed each other with water pistols, cutted peoples hair, drew body tatoos, got into mud fights and taped people together. Later we walked to the little beach. Bathed in the little area that was opened for us. Drunk cocktails and beers and went for concerts, that began at the early evening. I started hanging out with one of the french guys. We went to see concerts together or got drinks and relaxed in the chill area. It was nice, to have someone to spend some  time together. My group splitted often. While some of themm went to the Art area or got some souvenirs, other prefered chilling at the beach or at the camp. 
Also a friend of mine, Lauren, that I met in Prag was there with another friend from Prag - Liam. 
We were a group of seven people but often some of the french people joined us or we just did whatever we wanted to do on our own. 
For me it was a dificult experience, to travel with so many other people. I m used to travel with one other person or just by myself. Its hard to travel in a group. Its harder to get to know new people, because normaly you already have yours. You always need to do compromises or take care that everyone is happy. But after some time, I just went on my own, when I wanted to do something else or meet other people. Arley, the french guy and I , spend a lot of time together as well. For me travelling in a group, doesnt mean you need to stay together all the time. I need my freedom as well. Need to do whatever I feel to do. 

We experiences colour Partys, Mudfights, amazing concerts, great parties. Had a lot f laughter and a great time. I cant describe everything that we have done. But this experience will always be one of the best I have ever made. I learned that it did not matter how dirty you look like after seven days, because everyone does.  I learned that pizza for breakfast is nearly as good than scrambled eggs and Toast. That taking showers in the middle of the night, is the only way to even get one, that cutting peoples hair even if you have no idea how to do it, is quit fun. That beeing a groupie is totally anoying and that you want to punsh every single one who starts screaming someones name every two seconds. That its fun to dance on tables and being part of a video where only youre but is showed. 
I cant summarize everything. I just know, that it was an amazing time. 
By the way: 
Tickets for next year will be bought as soon as they re out. I m so down for Sziget 2016. 

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