10 things I've learned during my first festival

1. Washing your hair in the sink and your body during a foamparty - because the lines for the showers are to long - is a totally acceptable option.

2. Setting up your tent on a 40°C shadefree place is really, really stupid.

3. Eating Pizza for breakfast and Nachos with cheesesauce during the rest of the day is normal.

4. Staying in the front line at a concert is amazing- until the sun burns you down and some weird groupie next to you tries to push you around.

5.  Hugging random people without warning is fun. Making a contest out of it even more.

6. The only benefit of beeing small is that you can ask guys to take you on their shoulders.

7. Beeing part of a moshpit is well.. not everyones thing, especially if you dont get the point of pushing around people.

8. During the first days at the festival you care about your appereance. The last days you dont give a shit anymore.

9. Exchanging the water in waterbootles with wodka works good if you try to smuggle in some booze.

10. Sleeping, eating and showering is totally overrated.

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