Summer of travels - with a new design and new resolutions

I want to start this summer with a new Design. With a total restart and new resolutions concerning my blog.  I have been reading a lot about travelblogging. About posts, Layout and SEO. I see all those great travel Blogs out there and try to improve mine. I started with a new design. With a blogging-timetable with notes and ideas. I do not want to be that kind of blogger who writes a post every one or two months. But its dificult. I try to get informed, read a lot of articles and try to improve my Java and html skills (good for me that this is part of my studies). All in all, I want to get more serious about it and improve it. Those are my summer resolutions for my site. 

The last months I turned into a total zombie workaholic. Classes, work, sleep, classes, work, sleep. I need a change. I need a break. I need to go out, travel and see the world. I moved from my old appartmenet to my new yesterday. I escaped and started over. I just came back from Praque friday. After my last class two weeks ago I just packed my bag and left. I was part of the Mongol Rally with some english friends and stayed some more days in the beautiful city of Praque. I needed that time. Just forget everything else. Just live. Without work, without thoughts, without stress. 
I needed it and now I am sitting here in my new appartment. Listening to some music and enjoying the calm. The stressfree time. This summer will be mine and it will be exciting. 

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