The Mongol Rally

What is the Mongol Rally?
The Mongol Rally is a car Rally that starts in London and ends up in Mongolia. The Mongol Rally is known to be the "greatest adventure in the world". There are only three rules that need to be followed: 
1. Small and old car
2. Teams are totally unsupported and 
3. Teams need to raise at least 1000 pounds for Charity. 
The Rally is not about who gets there first its about the adventure and its one of the craziest things to do. 

How I was part of it
I met Max in Budapest over New Years eve. At this time I did not know, that he planned to do that Rally. So when he told me some months ago and asked if I want to join them for one or two trips inbetween the stops in different cities I got pretty excited and directly agreed to drive a bit with them. 
So on Monday morning Team SNASA with Adam, Alex and Max arrived in Germany. They needed to camp at the side of a Highway the night before because their car engine broke down in France. But they made it safe to Germany. 
They arrived in their white astronaut outfits and their white little Nissan, that was packed until nothing could go in anymore. 
I would just join the guys till Prag. I just drove a little part of the route with them but still I was unofficial teammate for the two days and had the chance to be part of it. 
On our way to Prag we all sat together in the car like sardines in a can. 
While driving on the Highway we saw another Team driving behind us. You can reconise the cars quickly, because most of them are colored in different color,  have a bunch of stickers  or additional things attached to them. 
It was always a big deal when seeing other cars on the way to Prague. .
In Prague would be the first meetup with the other teams after London. Already at a gas station we met five or six cars parked in a row. It was fun to get to know the other teams and I kind of wished to be real part of that rally. I know that one day for sure I will start something like that. 
After five hours of driving we arrived in Prague. The Meetup and Camping was at a abandoned Trainstation. Already a bunch of cars parked in a row next to the station. People build up their tents, hung around, talked. It was kind of like a festival. It was amazing. All those people from different countries  with all those different cars and stories. After arriving I put on one of the Team Shirts and we went to get some food and Czeck beer. We spend all evening at the Rally Party and met a bunch of different people. Later on I sat together with the guys and we planned a future rally down to Capetown one day. It was pretty fun. 
That day everyone belonged together and we were a huge community.
The next day Team SNASA continued its way to Vienna. I stayed in Praque to explore the city. I booked a hostel for three nights and spend my time there, while the Team drove down to Turkey. 
Till now I m texting with Adam, seeing how everything goes. They re near the border to Georgia!

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