Summer travelplans

Hello everybody.
After a month of not writing I am finally back. I was pretty busy with work and college and there was not much to write about my travels. Because I could not do any.
But let me tell you about my summer plans. 
Germany, Szech Republic, Hungary, Poland and our unknown september destination!
Pretty excited about all of them. Cant wait to hit the road again. Less then three weeks until my first destination.
For travel details read the full blogentry! =) 

So trip numeor uno this summer is a little german roadtrip. I ll be visiting one of my best friends - Maxi - the amazing girl I lived so many great adventure with during our time in California. Shes living in eastern Germany near Dresden. We ll have a USA reunion with some other amazing friends we've made during our stay overseas. 

Trip number two is pretty exciting. I dont know if you heard about the mongolian rail trip. Starting in London ending in Mongolia? Well, two friends we met in Budapest for new years eve are starting this amazing trip and I am going to be part of it. Not all the way, but I ll drive a bit with them. We'll meet in Frankfurt with Lucia (my best friend whos studying there) and I ll join them to Prag and maybe to the city after Prag they're heading to. They need to fundraise money and to own a small car, thats the condition to start the tour. Its just so amazing, what kind of people you meet all over the world while traveling. Excited! 

Trip number three  ist our eastern-europe trip. Starting from Augsburg we will be taking a bus to Krakow, Poland. Staying some nights at the recommendet Greg and Tom Party hostel. Doing some sightseeing and party and enjoying the summer. After Krakow we'll take the next bus to Budapest! (Budapest! I ll be back!). We re going to the amazing Sziget Festival in Budapest! More than 35000 people will be joining. Musik, arts, camping, fiesta, chillout. Island of freedom. Seven days of greatness! 
Cant wait for it. So excited! 

Trip number four is planned, but we neither know the destination, nor when or with who it will be. Its planned in september but we re unsure about everything. I just know, that I ll be going somewhere. But the spontanious trips are anyways more often the most interesting ones! 

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